Motorcycle Comprehensive Insurance

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Our comprehensive insurance cover protects your motorcycle against accidental damage, fire and theft as well as covering your legal liability for damage done to a third parties property. If you want coverage that has been designed for your Yamaha Motorcycle then this is the cover for you.


Some features of our great protection are:

  • 3 years replacement option on your new Yamaha motorcycle
  • Lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs
  • We ensure that your motorcycle is repaired with genuine Yamaha parts only
  • Up to $3,000 total cover for riding gear
  • Up to $1,500 to replace your lost keys and/or locks

We can also look at discounting your premium by only providing cover for the months you do use your Yamaha. 

For full terms and conditions simply download the disclosure statement below or CLICK HERE for GAP policies purchased after 1 November 2017

For full terms and conditions simply download the relevant disclosure statement below. YMI Motorcycle Comprehensive Insurance SPDS - This is to be read in conjunction with your current PDS.