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    Yamaha’s FX WaveRunner series has continued to redefine what’s possible in a luxury high-performance personal watercraft. With a strong reputation in the touring, family, fishing and endurance racing scenes, the feature-packed FX Series combines big capacity horsepower, luxury performance and innovative technologies all packaged in a stunningly good-looking watercraft. 

    For 2021, we have updated the colours and graphic kits on our popular luxury performance FX Series, combining this with Yamaha’s legendary reputation for reliability, purpose-built marine engines and excellent resale. With a great mix of models, price points and colour variants from bright and vibrant, to dark and stealthy, there is a model to suit every taste, level of experience and desire. 

    The FX Limited SVHO, FX Cruiser SVHO and FX SVHO are the premier models in Yamaha’s WaveRunner range, delivering the ultimate combination of unbridled supercharged power, extremely stable and responsive ultra-lightweight hull, high-end luxury features and cruising comfort.

    The FX Cruiser HO and FX HO WaveRunners deliver the awesome power and fuel efficiency that comes with Yamaha’s big horsepower, naturally aspirated, marine engine combined with the proven performance of the FX NanoXcel hull and deck platform to deliver a highly versatile, practical and stylish watercraft. The FX HO has also proven to be an extremely popular platform for fishing enthusiasts, due to its excellent stability, fuel economy and reliability.