Freestyle your style, by putting a new spin on your ride.

Yamaha's Freestyle Series of WaveRunners are for those riders looking for something a little bit different from the norm. Small and nimble in size, but big in action, these craft allow you to express yourself on the water like never before.

Introduced in 2022, the JetBlaster takes on-water fun to the next level, allowing the rider to perform stand-up manoeuvres, unmatched by any other sit-down craft in the WaveRunner lineup. With its custom-tuned electric trim, built-in footwell chocks and raised action handlebars, this action-packed craft will bring a smile to every rider.

For the ultimate in stand-up performance, the legendary four-stroke SuperJet continues to challenge those thrill seekers looking for something unique, that will push their riding abilities to the limits, while delivering 100% pure adrenalin and excitement.

Whether you are after a stand-up or sit-down WaveRunner, Yamaha now ticks all the boxes when it comes to freestyle riding.




In addition to the unique electric trim, footwell chocks and wide-span handlebars, the JetBlaster craft comes with an extremely light-weight and compact hull - combined with Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 High Output purpose-built marine engine - delivering an extremely powerful and agile on-water performance. 

Finished off with a bright acid green deck colour and retro graphics, this craft looks as radical as it performs.

Hitting the water has never been this much fun!





The legendary Yamaha SuperJet returned with a bang in 2021, delivering bigger, better and more extreme action in a unique stand-up ski.  With it's classic features and minimalist design, this awesome craft is guaranteed to attract a new generation of fans in 2023.

It's torquey four-stroke Yamaha marine engine and nimble performance hull is 60 kilograms lighter, 25 centimetres shorter, and twice as fun to ride than its competition. 

No longer reserved for professional racers and freestylers, the SuperJet appeals to a wide audience including recreational riders looking for a new thrill.  This includes aging tricksters who will find the athleticism and excitement of riding the new SuperJet to be a similar challenge as wake surfing, which sees continued interest and growth among this audience.