Middle Tasmania

Self-Guided Adventure

If the state of Tasmania decided to stake a claim to the best riding roads in Australia, it would impossible to raise an argument. While other states have roads and passes that are a must-do ride, the Apple Isle is one big must-do ride from top to bottom - only the level of enjoyment changes. The more well-known roads of Tasmania follow the coastline, but there’s also a seemingly endless supply of quality bitumen strips snaking their way through central Tasmania - and they are not hard to find. Celebrating its 200th birthday in 2021, the Tasmanian town of Campbell Town is a great place to kick off a ride to the east coast town of Swansea.

Type: Self-guided
Total distance: 
70km each way 
Estimated duration:
1.5 hours each way – with stops


  • Super smooth bitumen that seems to snake forever
  • Excellent visibility in clear weather
  • Weather can be unpredictable and cold during the winter months
  • If you take a wrong turn you are likely to discover another awesome road
  • Always keep in mind that others may be driving beyond their limits

Anyone who has had the opportunity to explore Tasmania on two wheels will have their favourite road, but the run from the central Tasmanian town of Campbell Town, out to Swansea on the Tasmanian east coast must surely rate high on anyone's short list.

One of the joys of Tasmania is the lack of traffic jams and boring urban stages as you fight your way to the good bits. The fun on this ride pretty much starts as soon as you pull out of Campbell Town. As well as going left and right - a lot, the Lake Leake Highway also undulates up and down, following the rolling landscape through the rich green countryside.

The first recommended stop is Lake Leake at the 35km mark. If you want to take a run along the edge of the lake, there is a well-maintained unsealed road that is motorcycle friendly. The area is well signposted so follow the urge to explore. Take the time to check out the Lake Leake Inn, a beautiful old building with more than 100 years of history on its side.

Heading back onto the highway, the next destination is the Wye River State Reserve and Wye River conservation area, a brilliant 11km twisting and turning run from Lake Leake. Beyond that, you will be given your first glimpse of the Tasman Sea and the Freycinet Peninsula as you reach the intersection of the Tasman Highway. Turn right and enjoy a leisurely 10km cruise into the town of Swansea where there is plenty to do, see and eat.

The destination point of any ride usually means the opportunity to turn around and do it all again in reverse, ending up back where you started. However, Tasmania has so many great roads to enjoy, it would be a shame to waste time doing the same route twice. If you are keen to make a full day of it, head north on the Tasman Highway towards Bicheno and see where the road takes you. Wherever you under up, you can be pretty much guaranteed the riding will be brilliant..


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