Tara's ride to kick cancer

Yamaha Motor Australia’s bLU cRU partners Ride ADV took a spare to Bright, VIC recently in preparation for their popular all women’s ride.

The spare bike was for Tara Sanders, a Wangaratta, VIC based adventure rider who was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer. “We had promised her a free loan WR250R and free ride six months ago - if she was well enough to participate,” explains RideADV honcho Greg Yager.

Tara finished her last cancer treatment 10 days before the ride and was given the all clear by her oncologist. She rode both days and then reduced the Ride ADV crew to tears when she explained what it meant to her to be able to participate. 

“I was sick with six months with the chemo treatment,” Tara added. “And I had a bad reaction to the steroids that meant I put on 20kg and my general health and fitness was poor. Several times I tried to go on a road ride and just the effort of putting on my riding gear was enough to exhaust me and to cancel my riding plans. But my oncologist recommended to do things that make me happy, so I focused on getting to the Ride ADV Women’s Only ride in October.”

“Because I live locally I decided to get to Bright and see how I felt – if I wasn’t up to the ride I would go to the dinner anyway – they are a great bunch of women and I knew it would be fun... Plus Greg (Yager) was in touch the whole time and I feel like part of the Ride ADV family. So any riding was really going to be a bonus for me.” 

Joined by a dozen ADV loving women, Tara made the ride and tackled all the regular obstacles that included winding tracks, ruts, rocky hill climbs, causeways, steep descents, ascents and creek crossings. 

Yamaha ambassador Stephen Gall joined the crew for the two days and provided rider training at all the obstacles. Gall’s professionalism and ability to explain and demonstrate all aspects of riding proved extremely popular with the group.

Once again Yamaha’s popular small-capacity adventure bike, the WR250R, proved a hit with riders looking to improve their adventure riding skill set.

“Over the two days riding we also offered riders the chance to spend some trail time on RideADV WR250Rs and once again everyone came away super impressed,” says Ride ADV’s Greg Yager - who has committed to building Tara a new WR250R at the RideADV workshop when she finally kicks the disease. 

“I couldn’t believe the generosity of Greg and the team – I can’t thank them enough. The outlook is pretty good. I am due to undergo some minor surgery followed by some radiation but it’s all looking pretty positive,” ends Tara who looks forward to the next Ride ADV Women’s Only ride.

Find out more about Ride ADV here: https://www.rideadv.com.au

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