Ride Your Motorcycle Week

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) organised Ride Your Motorcycle Week is back! This year’s focus is getting riders back on their bikes after lockdown as the summer riding season beckons.
The annual event will run from November 29 to December 5. With motorcycle, scooter and off-highway vehicle sales up 8.3 per cent on 2020, the event will push for riders to dust off their motorcycles and get going whether they prefer dirt riding, race tracks, commuting or adventuring.

Previously known as Ride your Motorcycle to Work Week, the change of name is intended to broaden the appeal of the event. Throughout the week advertising will encourage motorcyclists to dust off their bike of choice and get busy having fun, with the week to include prizes for riders. 

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber explained the intention of the event was to remind riders of the efficiency and ease riding a bike offered, as well as promoting riding’s positive impact on mental health. 

“When you’re on the bike, there’s nothing else like it. But life gets in the way. Ride Your Motorcycle Week is just a little extra push to get your bike serviced ahead of riding season, take the bike to work or take the long way home, take day the off and reconnect or just go and have an adventure. This is the week to start doing it.” 

“COVID has obviously changed the way Australians think about commuting, but the name change is about more than acknowledging working from home. The off-road segment has boomed during the last two years, and this is acknowledged in the campaign’s name change."

The event also aims to draw attention to two-wheeled transport as a potential solution in COVID-19 recovery.

“Riding has a real role to play in helping Australia get back to work, offering socially distanced transportation and alleviating congestion and parking issues. As ever, our secondary goal is to capture the attention of policy makers who to often overlook riding in developing transportation infrastructure,” said Mr Weber.

Stay tuned to the campaign at www.rideyourmotorcycleweek.com.au or on social media www.facebook.com/rideyourmotorcycleweek