Sydney XSR owner’s ride

Fun times on the inaugural XSR run to the Nasho

XSR-owning YMA staff were excited to join the first Sydney ride for the sport heritage model owners, an event enthusiastically organised by XSR FB group and Kelpi Customs honcho Jock Houston.

Beginning at the Deus Cafe in Camperdown, just over 50 local XSR riders rocked up, having no idea that it would be the biggest XSR meet that Australia has seen to date. Led out by two matching white and blue RD350LCs - the design inspiration for the 2022 XSR700 paint scheme - the ride set off south.

Over the next four hours, people who had chatted at length on XSR forums for years finally met each other in person to ride through Sydney’s Royal National Park. Clear roads and skies provided the backdrop for a cruisey - if slightly car congested - ride south.

Once the traffic had cleared, the ride back north was more spirited, with the group spreading out to allow everyone to go at a pace that suited them best. Less experienced riders hooked in behind veterans, following lines and developing their riding skills, and new riding connections were made between riders with similar interests.

Organiser and XSR owner Jock Houston stated: “When all together, it’s impossible to deny the appeal of the XSR range, and the type of people who call this bike theirs.”

“Creatives, professionals and tinkerers all seem to gravitate to this bike, with its heavily modifiable base, vintage styling, and a riding feel that’s best described as some sort of classy hooliganism,” he adds. “Though all share the same DNA, every single XSR at the event had been modified differently. For a modern, bike specific group ride, that’s as remarkable as it is rare, and has just as much to do with the rider, the community, and the wide range of aftermarket and custom parts available for the XSR range,” continues Jock, who runs a custom bike business Kelpi Customs in Brisbane, QLD.

Three YMA HQ staff – Matthew Ferry, Ollie Sharp and Stuart Gagg – turned out on their own new XSR900 models. “This provided a chance for many of the riders to have their first interactions with the brand itself, and that wasn’t lost on them. Riding a Yamaha is one thing… riding WITH Yamaha is another thing entirely,” explains Jock.

Prizes from Kelpi Custom Moto and Yamaha were raffled off, and the ride finished up for refreshments back at Deus. “It was about as perfect a day as you could have,” finishes Jock. Thanks to Kelpi Custom Moto for organising the day, and if you’d like to hear about similar future events, be sure to join the Yamaha XSR 700 / 900 Australia Facebook group.