YXZ1000R GYTR Turbo Kit

Yamaha has launched a performance boosting GYTR Turbo Kit for the YXZ1000R model, increasing power by up to 60%

Since their launch, the radically styled Yamaha YXZ1000R models have brought a whole new level of thrilling pure sports performance to the Side-by-Side segment.

Featuring an industry leading specification that includes a rally-style paddle shift for full throttle upshifting on the YXZ1000R SS SE - and a sequential 5-speed transmission on the YXZ1000R Manual - the YXZ1000R models are the ultimate off-road leisure vehicles. Equipped with ultra-long travel Fox Podium shocks and a fighter-pilot style cockpit, these high-tech Side-by-Side models deliver unmatched performance.

Yamaha recognises that many passionate off roaders are always searching for even more power - and now every new and existing YXZ1000R user is being offered the opportunity to take their Side-by-Side's performance to the next level by fitting the exclusive new GYTR Turbo Kit. Designed for closed circuit use only, this new kit massively increases peak power output by up to 60% on both versions of the YXZ1000R - and can be retro fitted to all models.

Used and approved by Stéphane Peterhansel
To ensure that the new GYTR Turbo Kit would be pushed to the limit prior to its release into the marketplace, Yamaha commissioned Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel to use it on his YXZ1000R in the 2017 Plaines & Vallées event in France. With 13 Dakar victories to his credit, Peterhansel is a legend in the Rally world - and his class victory in the 44th running of this prestigious event underlines the significant performance advantages of the new GYTR Turbo Kit.

High-specification components
Manufactured from the highest specification components and developed specifically for Yamaha's torque rich 998cc 3-cylinder engine, the GYTR kit features a top-of-the-line Garrett GT2860RS turbo that delivers a massive increase in power of up to 60%.

Also included is a specially developed ECU for optimum throttle response, and for increased intake efficiency the GYTR Turbo Kit features a custom-made air box as well as a water-cooled intercooler and a Donaldson air filter.

There's also an upgraded connecting rod set to handle the substantial increase in power, and for high levels of reliability and durability the GYTR Turbo kit incorporates a high performance silicone air hose and stainless steel braided oil pressure hoses, as well as a hand TIG welded tubular stainless steel exhaust manifold.

In standard specification, the YXZ1000R models deliver the most exciting off road experiences on 4 wheels - but with the addition of the new GYTR Turbo Kit, these two high-tech pure sports vehicles are the fastest and most exhilarating Side-by-Sides ever produced by Yamaha.

YXZ1000R GYTR Turbo Kit

  •  High quality components
  • Garrett GT2860RS turbo
  • New water to air intercooler
  • Upgraded carburised, forged con rod set
  • Silicone air hose and stainless steel braided oil pressure hoses New air box and air filter
  • New ECU
  • Hand TIG welded exhaust manifold - accepts standard muffler
  • Minimum 98 RON fuel required

The YXZ1000R GYTR Turbo kit will be available through a special order and must be fitted by an authorised Yamaha dealership.