AORVA Ride Parks

Yamaha Motor Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the AORVA Free Ride Park Pass.

Yamaha has been working with AORVA and industry partners to create ride opportunities for ATV and SSV owners. While access to areas are progressing in Victoria and Queensland, AORVA has taken the initiative to give ATV and SSV users access to premium ride parks in New South Wales and South Australia.

Valued at up to $450 Yamaha will provide a free pass with the purchase of new Wolverine X4, YXZ1000R, YXZ1000R SS SE.

To receive a free pass to the AORVA Ride Park Network customers must purchase a new YXZ or Wolverine X4 and become a member of AORVA. Membership is free. Once the unit is warranty registered the AORVA pass will be sent direct to your customer. One pass provides ten free ride days across the network.

Current SSV and ATV AORVA members will get 10% discount on their entry fee to parks within the AORVA Ride Park Network.

In NSW the participating parks are:

  • TJ’s 4B Park & Camping - 2 days
  • Binacrombi Bike Park - 3 days
  • Bylong Creek 4x4, Bikes & Buggies Park - 3 days
  • Bike Territory - 2 days

In South Australia the nominated ride park is Loveday 4x4 Park

As an ATV or SSV owner the most valuable thing you can do to support AORVA is to join. The more members that join the association, the stronger it becomes as the voice of ATV and SSV owners. As a member of AORVA you will get a 10% discount at venues within the AORVA Ride Park Network.

Take a look over the AORVA web site, join up and check out the great where to ride resource. Remember it’s strength in numbers so the more people who sign up the more power AORVA has to lobby government to open up ride areas.

The AORVA Ride Park Network is now open so join up and get into it. Check out