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    2022 YFZ450R

    YFZ450R continues into 2022 unchanged and still the most technologically advanced Sport ATV on the market today. It combines a high-tech, quick-revving, titanium-valved, 449cc fuel-injected engine with a lightweight, cast aluminium/steel chassis.

    The YFZ450R is motocross-ready. The weldless frame is designed from lightweight aluminium with a tension-steel bottom frame that lets the engine sit lower for excellent mass centralisation. Suspension components and settings reduce weight while providing light, sharp handling and rider comfort.

    With more room to hang off in the corners, the bodywork is designed for great ergonomics and rider comfort. The seat shape is padded in just the right places while the body panels come off easily without tools for service, so there’s no need to remove the battery or other components to take the fenders off.

    The 449cc engine uses titanium five-valve cylinder head technology to deliver abundant power in the mid-range to top-end with more “hit” feeling right off idle. The higher compression ratio further improves overall engine performance. Camshafts have been revised to maximise the engine’s impressive power output from off the line all the way up to the top-end.

    The YFZ450R incorporates Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) for precise fuel delivery. With a big 42mm Mikuni® throttle body and 12-hole injector, this system provides exceptional atomisation of the fuel for maximum power. The system also includes ISC (Idle Speed Control) for easy, reliable start-up and warming.

    An assist-and-slipper clutch reduces clutch lever effort for less fatigue while at the same time increasing clutch plate pressure for positive engagement. This clutch system also reduces engine braking effect for faster cornering, particularly when downshifting.

    The crankcase holds a crankshaft that’s ready to handle the increased demands of the racer, as well as a counterbalancer to reduce vibration.

    The crankcase also houses the oil tank which helps to centralise mass for unmatched handling while making maintenance easier.

    Wheels have been designed with the inner lip rolled in to increase rigidity, allowing for a reduction in weight while maintaining strength. Wheels are set motocross-spec wide, near the allowable maximum for great cornering speed. Maxxis® tyres provide excellent handling and control. At 20 inches in the rear and 21 inches in the front, they provide better ground clearance than the competition.

    The large-diameter tapered handlebar reduces vibration and is mounted on four-way clamps for exceptional adjustability. The two sets of holes in the handlebar crown and the eccentric clamps allow the rider to choose the standard setting: 10mm forward, 20mm forward or 10mm backward.

    Generous 66mm wide foot pegs are something riders will appreciate every time they want to get up on the pegs.The front frame is as narrow  as possible at the A-arm mounting points. This increases the A-arm length and reduces changes in camber as the suspension travels through its full range of motion.

    Front KYB® shocks are longer for increased stroke, superb bump absorption and excellent anti-bottoming characteristics. The Kashima™ coating offers smooth operation while the 249mm of wheel travel means the racer is ready for the most challenging tracks.
    Rear swingarm is crafted of strong, gravity-fed aluminium and is matched to a fully adjustable 46mm KYB® piggyback shock for excellent handling. For comfort even on tough terrain, the rear wheel offers 279mm of travel.
    The throttle lever requires low effort for less fatigue during long motos. And the discreet panel on the fender in front of the rider gives vital indicators about low fuel, coolant temperature, check engine and neutral gear via an LED display.
    MY22 YFZ450R is available in Team Yamaha Blue priced $15,749 inc GST ready-to-ride. Units are expected to arrive in Australia from May 2022.