Yamaha Staff Say No To Domestic Violence

White Ribbon Day 2023

Staff members of the Yamaha Motor Australia group came together this morning to show their support for White Ribbon Day 2023. 

The White Ribbon global movement aims to raise awareness about domestic violence and advocate for its prevention. 


Employees from various YMA departments gathered for morning tea wearing symbolic white ribbons to signify their commitment to ending domestic violence. Attendees discussed the importance of the day and the strong message the small white ribbon sends.


Mr Tom Okamoto, Managing Director for Yamaha Motor Australia, joined the group and said it is Yamaha’s corporate social responsibility to use the Yamaha name to assist with raising funds and awareness for important initiatives such as White Ribbon Day. “I'm proud to see so many Yamaha Motor Australia staff showing their support to see an end to domestic violence by purchasing a white ribbon and bringing awareness to this important cause.”


Staff from Yamaha Motor Australia and New Zealand actively support fundraising activities for local and international organisations that bring awareness to significant social issues. The eradication of domestic violence is high on everyone’s list. Support of these important issues, as well as those affected by them, also reflects Yamaha’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and its wish to make a positive impact in the community.


By standing together on White Ribbon Day, the staff members reaffirmed their commitment to creating a safer society for everyone.

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