WR450F Tour Leaders Choice

Legendary Victorian tour group leader Klaus Mueller has used, raced and ridden Yamaha’s since 1975.

His machine of choice for the last five years has been Yamaha’s WR450F. The Victorian High Country specialist has racked up more kms than most on a number of variants including the latest 2016 model. Here are some of his findings:

“I regularly ride 10,000 to 15,000km of trail as a trail bike tour guide. Yamaha’s products have always been very reliable, easy to maintain, and economical to own. This reverse engine 2016 Yamaha WR450F has a completely new feel and exceptional performance. The motor can be anything you want it to be with the appropriate power tuner settings - magic.

The front and rear suspension is adjustable, plush and as good as - and better than - many. Wheels, tyres, spokes, seals and wheel bearings, are bullet proof. This model is fitted with adjustable handlebars, Barkbusters, and a digital speedo with time and distance in easy sight.

The handlebars are rubber isolated where mounted to the triple clamps. The great serrated foot pegs are angled slightly up, so your knees keep into the tank. The electrics are simple and efficient, starting hot or cold engine first touch.

After about 3000km of trail, apart from oil and filter changes, all is perfect This anniversary Yamaha WR450F is the answer to my needs. Comfortable, exciting to ride, easy and economical to own…”

Mueller is especially happy with the ability to fine tune engine power delivery. YMA recently recommended to Klaus a power map developed for Yamaha CDR off road racer Chris Hollis – and he is a big fan:

“I have fitted the provided Hollis Smooth map and have just completed a four day trail tour, in the mountains around Hotham 1700M and Bogong 1800M, and across the streams of the Victorian High Country. It was two degrees at Dinner Plain on Saturday morning. The engine still started easily and provided a trail economy of up to 20km per litre. The bike is comfortable, safe and a joy to ride.

The induction noise has softened, but the torque off the bottom is so much smoother and more useable - yet middle to top is still more than exciting. You have made a grown man happy!

“I would strongly recommend that these settings be a standard fitting, or advise your dealers to do so, because it will make trail riding adventure easier. I greatly appreciate your assistance, and wish to thank you for the recommendation of the Hollis Smooth power tuner curve,” ends Klaus.

Join Klaus on a tour by emailing klausatbt@optusnet.com.au or call him on 0407 424 831

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