motoDNA training at SMSP

Do you want to ride faster, smarter and safer? Yamaha Motor Australia’s road bike training partner motoDNA Riders Academy can help you achieve those goals while having a track load of fun.
Riders of all ability are invited to Sydney’s Motorsport Park on 16/17 July to improve their riding skills and enjoy the full Grand Prix circuit. 

Join the group that best suits your level and experience six 20-minute track sessions followed by tailored coaching based on video review. 

Book your spot now for $395. Or book both days before 1 July to receive a $100 double header discount. 

What each rider receives:
- Six 20 min track sessions
- Video shadowing from an on-track coach
- Six classroom video review sessions
- Tailored coaching based on your skill level
- Photos on and off track

These track experiences are suitable for riders of all levels including newbies. Groups are split into the following groups:
White group - Track introduction for first timers and slow riders
Yellow group – For intermediate riders that completed Introduction course or have track experience
Green group - For experienced riders 
Red group - For racers, regular track riders and those finding the fast group too slow

Book online here now to reserve your spot:
Both days email for a voucher
16 July -…/sydney-msp-gp-circuit-16-jul-2020/
17 July -…/sydney-msp-gp-circuit-17-jul-2020/

Location: Sydney Motorsports Park, Ferrers Rd, Eastern Creek NSW 2766
For more information, email
Or visit the website:
Or phone: 1300 001 DNA