All new Delight moves light

Featuring an all-new modern unisex design and driven by an economical and quiet-running 125cc EU5-compliant engine, the all-new D’elight is designed for riders with a busy urban lifestyle who need a stylish, accessible and easy to use scooter that meets their everyday needs.

The new D’elight will be available at Australian dealers in the third quarter of 2021 in Pearl White.  Price is not set yet.

The new MY21 D'elight 125 comes with a range of technological advancements and so will inevitably be offered at a higher price than the existing model. You can rest assured that the existing D'elight 125 remains a great value proposition for scooter customers.

125cc Blue Core engine
What makes the D’elight an ideal urban commuter is its remarkably quiet and economical 125cc engine that is fully EU5-compliant for 2021. Developed using Yamaha’s cutting-edge Blue Core technology that ensures optimal running efficiency, the latest engine produces its maximum torque at only 5000 rpm – a considerably lower engine speed than other scooters in its class. 

Together with the D’elight’s extremely low weight, this adds up to an excellent power-to-weight ratio that gives lively and responsive acceleration, making this new unisex scooter one of the quickest and most economical ways to move around the city – and because the engine’s maximum torque is produced at much lower rpm than many other scooters, the D’elight delivers a more relaxed and enjoyable ride.

New unisex body design
The new D’elight gets a modern new unisex body design for 2021 that features a more rounded headlight as well as flush fitting flashers and a cowl-mounted position lamp. The restyled front cowl provides excellent protection from the wind, and the spacious and flat footboard area ensures a comfortable riding position together with easy access.

Lightest in class
Weighing just 101 kg with fuel and oil, the new D’elight is the lightest scooter in its class, making it the ideal choice for female and male urban commuters who may be new riders. This extremely low weight offers a number of benefits, including increased agility – particularly in stop-start urban traffic – as well as making parking and putting the scooter on its stand so much easier.

Start & Stop engine technology
The new D'elight is equipped with the latest switchable Start & Stop engine technology. When the system is switched on the Start & Stop function automatically cuts the engine whenever the scooter comes to a stop at lights or junctions to minimise local pollution and reduce fuel costs. It instantly restarts when the brakes are released and the throttle is turned.

Large underseat storage
The D’elight features a large underseat storage space that makes it the ideal choice for everyday commuting. The comfortable dual seat can be unlocked to reveal 
the weatherproof storage that is large enough to accommodate one full-face helmet – one of the only models in the class to do so. It’s also the ideal place for carrying various personal or work-related items safely and securely – and is perfect for when you need to do some last-minute shopping.

12-inch front wheel
The new D’elight is fitted with a 12-inch front wheel that contributes towards this urban commuter’s extremely agile handling characteristics. Six-spoke alloy wheels minimise unsprung weight and help to make this the lightest scooter in its class, and the 90/90-12 front and 100/90-10 rear tyres provide excellent grip.     

D’elight key features

• 125cc EU5 Blue Core engine – increased fuel efficiency, cleaner running
• Excellent fuel economy: Start & Stop on: 1.8 litres/100 km
• Low CO² emissions: Start & Stop on: 42g/km
• Fashionable and modern body design with universal appeal
• Switchable on/off Start & Stop engine technology
• Lightest weight in class ensures easy agility and fuss-free parking
• Underseat storage space for everyday urban commuting convenience
• New rounded headlight and larger LCD instruments with analogue speedo
• 12-inch front wheel for agile handling
• Flush fitting front flashers with cowl-mounted position lamp
• New assist grip for easy parking

Colour option 
Pearl White