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    Integrated riding modes 

    TRACER 9 GT+ benefits from a refined D-Mode (the engine character selection) that is now fully integrated with the machine’s 6-Axis IMU and comprehensive suite of lean-sensitive rider aids. Previously D-Mode (the engine character selection) has operated separately to the electronic rider aids which required individual adjustment.
    This new system is more intuitive, being much easier to understand and use on-the-fly. The rider has the option to select one of four integrated riding mode options: Sport, Street, Rain or Custom – all of which now work in conjunction D-mode, the traction control, slide control, lift control and electronic suspension’s damping control to ensure enhanced controllability in a wide variety of riding situations.
    The Sport, Street and Rain selectable options feature embedded factory settings with different intervention levels to suit different conditions, and these pre-set modes have been developed by Yamaha’s designers using feedback from test riders. The fourth Custom option enables the rider to manually select their own intervention settings for the various electronically controlled rider aids, and save it as their tailored mode.
    New ergonomic handlebar switch clusters 
    Newly designed handlebar switch assemblies employing a joystick and home button enable the rider to operate the wider range of functions, including smartphone connectivity and navigation. Both the right and left side clusters feature a clear, logical layout and simple design – and their ergonomic layout gives smooth thumb movement for easy and intuitive operation. The switch clusters are back-lit for easier identification and use in the dark.
    Refined height-adjustable rider's seat and new seat cover material 
    The height adjustable rider’s seat is upgraded with new padding and a revised shape for increased comfort. While a new leather-style cover is used to enhance the overall feeling of quality and pride of ownership of this flagship Sport Tourer. It’s now a more comfortable and refined place to spend a long day’s ride.

    Larger diameter rear disc brake

    For improved feel the rear brake diameter is increased by nearly 9% to 267mm, the rear caliper design is revised, and a new brake pedal as well as new clear smoke front and rear fluid reservoirs enhance the overall feeling of premium quality. 
    Detail changes 
    To accommodate its higher specification and give an even more refined riding experience and pride of ownership the TRACER 9 GT+ features various detail changes, including a new USB A outlet, a newly designed instrument panel bracket and revised windscreen stays. In addition, a new rear footbrake pedal bracket matches the new rear brake system. 

    Dedicated colouring and finishing 
    To underline its position as the most refined and desirable Yamaha Sport Tourer, the TRACER 9GT+ is offered in the exclusive multi-toned colour scheme Icon Performance. The colourway employs a hand masked split-paint design to enhance the powerful body design and finishing quality.

    Sweet 890cc CP3 engine producing strong, linear torque
    TRACER 9 GT+ is driven by Yamaha’s highly acclaimed 890cc CP3 engine that produces strong, linear torque, making this flagship Sport Tourer a remarkable performer whether touring through the Snowies or commuting to the office. Equipped with Yamaha’s Acceleration Position Sensor Grip (APSG) and Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), this lightweight system eliminates the need for cables and pulleys and delivers superb response with a natural feeling. 

    Lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame
    The TRACER 9 GT+ features a wide range of Yamaha-exclusive technology, including the aluminium die-cast main frame that has been manufactured using the company’s exclusive CF (Controlled Filling) system. This special system enables the construction of extremely light and strong frames with varying wall thicknesses – which gives an optimised rigidity balance for superior handling performance.
    Unsprung weight is minimised with the use of a lightweight aluminium swinging arm, and the SpinForged wheels – also manufactured using a Yamaha-exclusive technology – not only help to enhance suspension action, but they also reduce the moment of inertia to make a significant contribution towards the machine’s light and agile handling character.
    Full LED lighting and cornering lights
    Lighting is a full LED system, and Yamaha’s sophisticated cornering lights are standard equipment on the TRACER 9 GT+. When the machine is travelling at 5 km/h or faster and the lean angle exceeds 7° the cornering lights automatically illuminate the inside of the turn – whether low or high beam is being used – giving a larger illuminated area of road.

    All-season riding comfort
    Yamaha’s premium Sport Tourer is designed for those riders who tend to ride all year and like to take on all kinds of riding, whenever and wherever. TRACER 9 GT+ is built to deliver all-season riding comfort and is equipped with a large 10-level adjustable windscreen as well as 10-stage adjustable grip heaters that make the longest ride more enjoyable. Yamaha also offer a Comfort Heated Seat as a Genuine Accessory – also with 10 selectable temperature levels.

    The new Tracer 9 GT+ is now available in Icon Performance colour at $27,599 inc GST ride away^.

    ^Pricing correct at time of publishing and subject to change without notice.