bLU cRU 300 Racing Maul Morgan Park

The bLU cRU 300 Racing team of Tom Bramich, Hunter Ford and Zac Levy continue to set the bench mark in both the 300cc Supersport class and the Yamaha R3 Cup as they wreaked havoc at round five of the championship at Morgan Park in Queensland over the weekend.
With both classes in action at round five, the boys were on double duty but that also meant double podium duty as the bLU cRU 300 Racing Team lit of the track in a great weekend for the team.

In the Supersport 300cc division it was Tom Bramich who proved to be the one to beat as he took the round victory with his 5-2-1 results in the three races. In such a tight field, full of young gung-ho riders, the action is always close and Bramich improved throughout the day to take the win ahead of team mate, Hunter Ford, by just one single point.

Ford finished with 1-3-4 results in another solid outing for him while Zac Levy came home in fourth with 3-5-2 finishes.

In the championship, it is Bramich who holds the lead, with an impressive 35 point gap back to Levy in second place. Ford currently sits in third, just one point from the championship podium.

In the Yamaha R3 Cup, it was again the bLU cRU 300 Racing team who dominated the results, only this time it was Hunter Ford taking the win with his 1-1-5 scores. Behind him was Tam Bramich in second with 2-2-1 results and Zac Levy in fourth.

The championship podium sees Levy on top, Ford in second and Bramich third making it a bLU cRU 1-2-3 after round five.

“It was another great weekend from the boys and the racing was as intense as ever,” states bLU cRU Manager, Ian Irving. “It’s a lottery every time these riders hit the grid and it only takes a rider to be 1% off his game and the results plummet. There was no stand out on the weekend but I’m really pleased that each of these riders are giving 100% on the track and all have their moment to shine in such and closely matched field of riders,” Irving ends.

It also proved a consistent weekend for the Yamaha Racing Team in the big bike classes with Cru Halliday taking the win in the 600cc while Wayne Maxwell and Daniel Falzon finished fourth and fifth respectively in the 1000cc superbike division.

To view the bLU cRU round recall video:

On hand to steer his troops through the round was Team Manager, John Redding, who had this to say about his teams’ weekend.

“It was a consistent effort from all the riders, although we are just a shade off the pace in the Superbike class. Wayne and Daniel are proving to be very consistent from round to round but just behind the pace the leaders are setting and with the championship nearing the end, it’s time we step up and start challenging for race and round wins if we have any hope of securing the 2018 championship.

“Cru has again been excellent in the 600cc event and is clearly just a cut above the rest of the field at the moment. He knows there is still plenty of work to do to win the championship, but he continues to work hard and shows up at each round in a good frame of mind and determined to win and we can’t ask for more than that.”

The sixth round of the ASBK hits Winton In Victoria on September 7 – 9.
  • ASBK Championship Standings After Round Five

    Supersport 300cc
    1st Tom Bramich – 307
    2nd Zac Levy – 272

    3rd Oli Bayliss – 233
    4th Hunter Ford – 232
    5th Harry Khouri – 229

    Yamaha R3 Cup
    1st Zac Levy – 187
    2nd Hunter Ford – 185

    3rd Tom Bramich – 162
    4th Lochy Taylor – 160
    5th Harry Khouri - 142
  • ASBK Round Results

    Supersport 300
    1st Tom Bramich – 61
    2nd Hunter Ford – 60

    3rd Seth Crump – 57
    4th Zac Levy - 54
    5th Oli Bayliss – 45

    Yamaha R3 Cup
    1st Hunter Ford – 66
    2nd Tom Bramich – 65

    3rd Locky Taylor – 55
    4th Zac Levy – 51
    5th Harry Khouri – 47