WBR Yamaha Barnstorm to teh Top of the MXD Charts

WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha racers, Bailey Malkiewicz and Hugh McKay have sky rocketed to the top of the MXD (under19) points chase after an eventful weekend of racing at rounds seven and eight of the MX Nationals, held at the MX Ranch circuit.
Both riders put in gritty and determined efforts over the weekend that saw the MXD points get shaken up as the MX Ranch circuit threw up plenty of close racing with the young chargers putting on a great spectacle.

Malkiewicz will take the leaders red plate into round nine of the championship after claiming victory for round seven as he dominated proceedings taking both race victories. Malkiewicz was back to his best after a tough day at round six at Conondale and was excited to get himself right back into championship contention.

He then finished in fourth place for round eight with 8-1 results in the two back to back races on Sunday afternoon. A poor start in the first back to back left him well done the field and scrambling to pass as many riders as possible but again he showed his mental resilience to answer back with another race win in the final MXD event of the weekend.

“It was a good weekend for me and it feels good to get things back on track after Conondale,” Bailey said. “To win three out of the four races here and make up a heap of points is awesome. I just wish a did a little better in the first back to back race but I’m still really happy with how I raced and the way my bike went.

“The team did a great job again and now we are off to Gladstone which is a track that I have ridden before and look forward to racing a national on,” he ends.

Speaking of tough, Hugh McKay showed plenty of heart and determination when he overcame a serious finger injury in practice to post some great results in racing and keep himself right in the championship battle.

McKay fell and wrapped his clutch lever around his finger, resulting in his nail and tip of his finger being sliced open and receiving several stitches. McKay was able to be patched up by the RACESAFE crew and entered the opening moto just hoping to secure good points and limit the damage on the points table.

But he did more than that as he raced to 6-2 results to finish fourth overall for round seven and then produces a rock solid 6-4 effort on Sunday take sixth and wind up just five points behind team mate Malkiewicz in the championship.

“It wasn’t the weekend I was hoping for but I guess I did the best I could given the circumstances,” McKay begins. “I can’t really explain how my finger got so damaged in the crash but RACESAFE were able to work some magic and get me through the weekend so a huge thank you to them for all their help.

“Being a four-race weekend, it was important that I stay out there and just gather as many points as I could. It actually felt a little better on Sunday but I had to be aware of getting roosted from rocks and not doing any more damage.

“I’m glad I was able to tough it out and with a three-week break before round nine, I should be back to 100% by then and ready to go for the final two rounds.”

Yamaha hold a string position in the MXD class with the supported WBR team taking the top two spots in the points chase and then four of the top five with both Max Purvis and Brodie Ellis showing great pace.
  • MXD Championship Standings After Round Eight

    1st Bailey Malkiewicz – 458 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    2nd Hugh McKay – 453 (Yamaha YZ250F)

    3rd Riley Dukes – 444
    4th Max Purvis – 440 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    5th Brodie Ellis – 411 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    6th Rhys Budd – 376
    7th Jye Dickson – 351
    8th Morgan Fogarty – 348
    9th Mason Rowe – 341
    10th Jake Williams – 294 (Yamaha YZ250F)
  • MXD Round Results

    Round Seven
    1st Bailey Malkiewicz – 70 (WBR Yamaha)

    2nd Riley Dukes – 58
    3rd Rhys Budd – 60
    4th Hugh McKay – 57 (WBR Yamaha)
    5th Jye Dickson – 56
    6th Brodie Ellis – 50
    7th Max Purvis – 48
    8th Dylan Wood – 44
    9th Riley Ward – 41
    10th Liam Walsh – 40

    Round Eight
    1st Riley Dukes – 64
    2nd Jye Dickson – 60
    3rd Jayce Cosford – 60
    4th Bailey Malkiewicz – 58 (WBR Yamaha)
    5th Brodie Ellis – 54
    6th Hugh McKay – 53 (WBR Yamaha)
    7th Max Purvis – 50
    8th Rhys Budd – 47
    9th Dylan Wood -40
    10th John Bova – 39