WBR Yamaha Regain MXD Red Plate

WBR Yamaha’s Bailey Malkiewicz has surged to the top of the MXD (Under 19) leader board after a blistering performance at rounds three and four of the MX Nationals, held at the Wonthaggi circuit over the weekend.
Malkiewicz entered the double header weekend in fifth place and looking to improve his position on the championship table as the series heads towards the half way mark, but a sensational weekend that saw him win two motos and a huge pile of points and leap frog the field to now take control of the MXD division with a 20 point lead.

Feeling right at home on the soft, deep and wet sand of Wonthaggi, Malkiewicz claimed his first moto win of the season in race one of Saturday after a moto long duel with fellow Yamaha mounted Max Purvis. Moto two saw the two Yamaha young guns go at it again, this time it was Purvis who came out on top, with the 2-1 of Purvis, besting the 1-2 of Malkiewicz for the overall round victory.

Day two and it was a carbon copy with Malkiewicz and Purvis again trading results and in the exact same fashion. Purvis claimed the round win on a count back after he and Malkiewicz again scored 76 points apiece.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend really,” Malkiewicz beamed from the podium. “I rode well in all four races, won two of them and finished second in the other two and made up a heap of points in the most important weekend of the championship so far.

“My bike was awesome this weekend and the WBR Yamaha team have continued to work hard and keep our bikes in great shape.

“Next thing for me is to ensure I have another good weekend at Murray bridge this weekend and consolidate my position and keep my momentum going,” he ends.

The weekend didn’t prove as prosperous for team mate Hugh McKay who struggled in the wet, soft conditions. McKay, who was holding the leaders red plate after round one, had a weekend hampered by crashes and inconsistency.

McKay claimed sixth at round three on Saturday with 9-4 results but his day ended in dramatic fashion when he stepped through the handlebars as he jumped over the finish-line table top and falling heavily.

Then on Sunday he again struggled to hit top form and the previous days crashes had taken their toll. But ever the soldier, McKay gave 100% but could only muster 5-14 results, again with more soil samples to land in 10th for the round and slip to fourth in the championship.

“It wasn’t my best weekend, that’s for sure. I tried to do my best and I never gave up but it just wasn’t my weekend,” McKay said.

“The team worked hard to keep me on the track but I didn’t get the result I needed. I will bounce back this weekend and get my championship back on track.”

Round five of the MX Nationals now moves to Murray bridge in South Australia and the MXD championship battle is on with the top six or seven riders still well in championship contention with six rounds to go.

Images; Foremost Media

#46- Hugh McKay
#47 - Bailey Malkiewicz
  • Championship Standings After Round Four

    1st Bailey Malkiewicz – 248 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    2nd Morgan Fogarty – 228
    3rd Callum Norton – 221
    4th Hugh McKay – 218 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    5th Max Purvis – 217 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    6th Riley Dukes – 212
    7th Brodie Ellis - 200 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    8th Rhys Budd – 183
    9th Mason Rowe – 168
    10th Jy Dickson - 162
  • Round Four

    1st Max Purvis – 67 (JCR Yamaha)
    2nd Bailey Malkiewicz – 67 (WBR Yamaha)
    3rd Morgan Fogarty – 54
    4th Callum Norton – 51
    5th Rhys Budd – 51
    6th Brodie Ellis – 49
    7th Riley Dukes – 49
    8th Mason Rowe – 48
    9th Matt Fabry – 45
    10th Hugh McKay – 45 (WBR Yamaha)
  • Round Three

    1st Max Purvis – 67 (JCR Yamaha)
    2nd Bailey Malkiewicz – 67 (WBR Yamaha)
    3rd Morgan Fogarty – 55
    4th Callum Norton – 54
    5th Jy Dickson – 54
    6th Hugh McKay – 50 (WBR Yamaha)
    7th Brodie Ellis – 48
    8th Matt Fabry – 48
    9th Rhys Budd – 44
    10th Mason Rowe – 43