ASBK bLU cRU Managers Review Round Seven

Phillip Island hosted the final round of the 2018 Australian Superbike Championship and it produced some of the closest and best racing the series as seen all year, across all the major classes. It was an intense affair on and off the track and Yamaha Racing was again in the thick of the action.
With the championship now over for 2018, Yamaha Racing claimed the number 1 plate in the 600cc Supersport (Cru Halliday), 300cc Supersport (Tom Bramich) and the R3 Cup (Hunter Ford). Add to that a second place by Wayne Maxwell in the 1000cc Superbike class and a fifth by Daniel Falzon and it was another successful year by the bLU cRU.

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John Redding – Yamaha Racing Team

“As we reflect over the final round and the series as a whole, it has been a successful one for YRT. We jumped back into the 600cc Superbike class at a very late stage, yet we were able to get on top of the bike, Cru was able to race it exceptionally well and he wrapped up the title with a round to spare so that was very rewarding for all of us.

“In the Superbike class, Wayne and Daniel put up a good fight all year. Wayne started the year on the back foot with a DNF at the opening race at round one and was trying to play catch up the rest of the year. Ultimately, we can’t give a rider like Troy Herfoss a gift like that and he was able to secure the championship, but Wayne fought back well to claim second. And, although not winning the final round, he did ride well at Phillip Island.

“For Daniel, it was a very steady year which was a goal we set for him as in the past he has been somewhat inconsistent. He finished every race this year, apart from the final one which wasn’t his fault, so it was pleasing for him to take on a new team, different bike and the advice we gave. He will be better for it and now it’s just a matter of finding the balance of speed and consistency.”

Ian Irving – bLU cRU 300 Racing
“it has been a hectic year over seeing a group of young, enthusiastic riders who compete in two categories each weekend with a lot of things happening all at once. But at the end of it all, we were able to win the 300cc Supersport and also the R3 Cup and that is a great testament to the riders, families and supporters of everyone involved.

“We were 1-2-3 in both championships and these categories are proving to be a great development grounds for Australian Road racing.

“Tom entered the final round with a reasonable points margin in the 300cc Supersport, but he didn’t let up at the final round. He raced to win and that’s what he did, so he was a deserving winner of both the round and the championship.

“Hunter did much the same in the R3 Cup, although the points were much closer and there was a bit more pressure.

“Congratulations to Tom, Hunter and Zac on a great season and we are proud to be a part of their racing journey.

ASBK Final Championship Standings

  • ASBK Final Championship Standings

    Australian Superbike Championship -1000cc
    1st Troy Herfoss – 321.5
    2nd Wayne Maxwell – 276 (Yamaha – YZF- R1M)
    3rd Troy Bayliss – 273
    4th Josh Waters – 264.5
    5th Daniel Falzon – 233 (Yamaha – YZF- R1M)

    Australian Supersport Championship- 600cc
    1st Cru Halliday – 361 (Yamaha R6)

    2nd Tom Toparis – 308
    3rd Max Croker – 246
    4th Damon Rees – 231
    5th Zack Johnson – 204 (Yamaha R6)

    Supersport 300cc
    1st Tom Bramich – 418 (Yamaha R3)
    2nd Zac Levy – 379 (Yamaha R3)
    3rd Hunter Ford – 336 (Yamaha R3)

    4th Oli Bayliss – 325
    5th Seth Crump – 295

    YMF R3 Cup
    1st Hunter Ford – 288 (Yamaha R3)
    2nd Zac Levy – 276 (Yamaha R3)
    3rd Tom Bramich – 272.5 (Yamaha R3)

    4th Locky Taylor – 263
    5th Max Stauffer – 208.5