Xavier De Soultrait Second On Dakar Rally's Stage Five

With both Yamalube Yamaha Rally team riders safely reaching the end of the gruelling two-day marathon stage, Xavier de Soultrait has secured a solid runner-up result on Friday's stage five of the 2019 Dakar Rally. Earning a fourth-place result for the day, Adrien Van Beveren remains fifth in the event's provisional overall standings.
The second part of the two-day long marathon stage, Friday's stage five of this year's Dakar brought competitors back to the Arequipa bivouac. The stage featured a mass start, with Yamalube Yamaha Rally team rider Xavier de Soultrait setting off among the second wave of riders at the beginning of the timed special.

Taking his time to get to grips with the stony terrain, the WR450F Rally powered rider launched a fierce attack for the stage victory in the final part of the timed special. Eventually earning the runner-up position, de Soultrait was just three minutes behind the eventual stage winner. Continuing his strong performance in Peru, Xavier has moved up to eighth in the provisional overall standings.

Following a well-considered plan, Adrien Van Beveren was fast and consistent during Friday's stage five. Getting more and more comfortable on his Yamaha, Adrien was able to control his pace during the final part of the stage to cross the finish line in fourth position. Currently fifth in the overall standings, Adrien sits in a great position ahead of the remainder of the Dakar adventure in Peru.

Achieving one of their primary goals for this Dakar, both Xavier and Adrien today reached the Arequipa bivouac and will now enjoy half a day to rest. During tomorrow's rest day, the Yamalube Yamaha Rally duo will have the chance to catch up on some well-needed sleep and prepare themselves physically and mentally for the challenging week of racing that lies ahead.
Adrien Van Beveren - Yamalube Yamaha Rally rider - 4th Stage 5 / 5th Overall
"This Dakar is proving to be quite challenging. Coming to Peru we thought it would just be racing in the dunes, but it turns out there's a lot more than just sandy dunes. Today we went through some parts with fesh-fesh and lots of stones. Despite not being my favourite terrain, today I got a great feeling on the bike and was able to push. I took my time and once I felt confident in this terrain I was able to ride the way I know. This Dakar is not just about raw speed. There's lots of parts where you need to be patient and think about the overall classification. I felt I could have possibly won the stage today, but I wanted to make sure I had a good starting position for Sunday so I slowed down a bit towards the end. This race is really intense. There's 10 to 15 racers who are able to win stages and you need to be on top of your game each day. I'm in a good position now for the next stage and I'm looking forward to it."
Xavier de Soultrait - Yamalube Yamaha Rally rider - 2nd Stage 5 / 8th Overall
"It was another good stage for me and I'm really happy with my second place. I started the special at a steady pace to preserve my tyres. The pace was fast and there were some dangerous spots in the special. As we were getting closer to the end of the special, I was feeling great on my bike so I decided to push hard for a good time. I made my attack and when I got to the finish I was told I had won the stage. Later on we learned that Sam Sunderland was given back the time he lost to assist an injured rider, so he ended up winning the stage with me a close second. I'm wrapping up this first week of the rally on a high. I'm really happy with the way things have worked out for me so far and I'm looking forward to the second week that starts on Sunday."
  • Stage 5 Provisional Classification

    1. Sam Sunderland (GBR), KTM, 04:11:48
    2. Xavier de Soultrait (FRA), Yamaha, 04:15:11, +03:23
    3. Lorenzo Santolino (ESP), Sherco, 04:15:48, +04:00
    4. Adrien Van Beveren (FRA), Yamaha, 04:16:14, +04:26
    5. Andrew Short (USA), Husqvarna, 04:16:24, +04:36
    6. Luciano Benavides (ARG), KTM, 04:16:24, +04:36
  • Provisional Overall Classification After Stage 5

    1. Ricky Brabec (USA), Honda, 16:51:34
    2. Sam Sunderland (GBR), KTM, 16:52:33, +00:59
    3. Pablo Quintanilla (CHL), Husqvarna, 16:54:26, +02:52
    4. Toby Price (AUS), KTM, 16:54:55, +03:21
    5. Adrien Van Beveren (FRA), Yamaha, 16:58:10, +09:01
    6. Kevin Benavides (ARG), Honda, 17:00:35, +09:01

    8. Xavier de Soultrait (FRA), 17:10:11, +18:37