GYTR YJR Surge to Multiple Series Victories

The 2019 Sunshine State Motocross series proved to be a memorable one for the Queensland Yamaha Junior Racing pair of Levi Rogers and Jake Cannon who bought home four series wins from the four classes they contested throughout the six round event.
The sixth and final round took place at the popular Coolum circuit, and just like they had the majority of the series, Rogers and Cannon dominated proceedings taking 11 race wins from 12 as they wrapped up another four round victories.

Rogers was happy to be back on the soft soil of Coolum and was simply a cut about his rivals on the weekend. Competing in the 15 years 125cc and 15 years 250cc divisions, Rogers was never headed all day and lead every lap of every race on his way to victory in both classes.

The three wins on Sunday on his YZ125 saw him go through the series undefeated, winning 18 races on the trot and show why he has the number 1 plate in Queensland. On his YZ250F, he dropped just two races as he charged to another series win and was happy to tick another goal for 2019 off his list.

“Today was the perfect finish to the series for me and I really enjoyed racing the Coolum track,” Levi offered at days’ end. “My starts were good today, so I wasn’t getting roosted and the track was nice and soft which was cool to ride.

“Both my bikes ran awesome and handled well. Thank you to my family for the effort they put into my racing, the GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing Team and our sponsors as well as Brisbane Dirt Bike Services for setting up my suspension.

“Its now time to get ready for the Queensland Motocross championships which start in a few weeks,” Rogers said.

Jake Cannon didn’t want his team mate to be the only guy standing on the podium and matched his results, both on the day and for the series. Cannon won the 10-12 years 65cc class on the day with 2-1-1 results, and in turn the series victory, then backed that up with three straight wins on his YZ85 to win the 9-11 years 85cc class and go directly to the top step of the series podium as well.

Cannon took 17 out of 18 races victories on his YZ65 and was clearly the dominant rider in his class. He couldn’t quite match that same dominance on his YZ85 but was consistently good in the early stages of the series before barnstorming home for the final three round victories.

“My day started out pretty ordinary and I was struggling in the first 65 race trying to get the hang of riding in sand again. I made a couple of mistakes and went down but after that I was able to smooth out, stand up more and ride much better in the rest of my races.

“Its been a good series for me and its cool to win both classes. My Dad is always busy keeping Charli and I on the track and works hard on race days. Its also cool to hang out with Levi and for both of us to have won is awesome and he helps me too.”

The final round of the series was successful for Yamaha supported riders in other classes. Charli Cannon broke through for her first ever round victory in the 13-14 years 125cc class taking the victory with 2-2-2 results. The strong final round performance saw he move up to third in the series standings. She also charged home in the 13-14 years 85cc class, to take third for the day and third for the series. It was an outstanding effort by the Sunshine Coast teenager as she battles with the boys week in, week out and doesn’t give an inch.

Winning the 13-14 years 125 class was Zac Watson on his Suncity Yamaha YZ125. Watson was second for the day and managed to scrape home for the series win. Watson also won the day and the round in the 14-15years 85cc class in another strong performance.

In the senior divisions, it was the Serco Yamaha duo of Nathan Crawford and Aaron Tanti taking the 1-2 finish at the final round, but it was Top Gun Yamaha’s Jayce Cosford who took the series victory on a YZ250 after finishing fourth at the final round.

South Australia
Alex Larwood continues to set the benchmark in South Australia with another commanding performance at round two of their state championships at Keith. Larwood dominating the junior 125 and 250cc classes taking all six race wins and now has a handy points buffer over his rivals at the half way stage for the series.

Also making two trips to the podium was team mate, Wil Carpenter who took home third in the 9-11 years 85cc as well as third in the 10-12 years 65cc. Carpenter has proved to be very consistent so far at the opening two rounds and is well-placed for a championship assault in the coming rounds.

Victorian young gun, Jobe Dunne, has racked up as many miles as any racer in the country recently, taking in events in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. The family efforts have been rewarded with podium finishes at each event and the weekend was no different with Jobe roaring to second place in the 709 years 65cc group.

YJR Results

  • QLD Sunshine State Series Results

    Sunshine State MX Series – Round 6
    15 years 250cc
    1st Levi Rogers – 105 (Yamaha YZ250F)

    2nd Luke Zielinski – 96
    3rd Logan May – 90

    15 years 125cc
    1st Levi Rogers – 105 (Yamaha YZ125)

    2nd Luke Zielinski – 96
    3rd Logan May – 88

    9-11 years 85cc
    1st Jake Cannon – 105 (Yamaha YZ85)

    2nd Liam Owens – 96
    3rd Tahunui Clarke – 84

    10-12 years 65cc
    1st Jake Cannon – 102 (Yamaha YZ65)

    2nd Jackson Fuller – 94
    3rd Casey Wilmington – 80

    13-14 years 125cc
    1st Charli Cannon – 96 (Yamaha YZ125)
    2nd Zac Watson – 91 (Yamaha YZ125)
    3rd Jesse Holding – 88 (Yamaha YZ125)

    14-15 years 85cc
    1st Zac Watson – 100 (Yamaha YZ85)
    2nd Kale Irwin – 93
    3rd Kobi Wolfe – 92

    12-13 years 85cc
    1st Kobi Drew – 102
    2nd Braden Plath – 97
    3rd Charli Cannon – 92 (Yamaha YZ85)

    Final Series Standings
    15 years 125cc
    1st Levi Rogers- 630 (GYTR- YJR)

    2nd Luke Zielinski – 566
    3rd Logan May – 498

    15 years 250cc
    1st Levi Rogers – 614 (GYTR – YJR)

    2nd Luke Zielinski – 578
    3rd Logan May – 505

    9-11 years 85cc
    1st Jake Cannon – 597 (GYTR- YJR)

    2nd Heath Fisher – 449
    3rd Tahunui Clarke – 435

    10-12 years 65cc
    1st Jake Cannon – 627 (GYTR-YJR)

    2nd Casey Wilmington – 518
    3rd Heath Fisher – 458

    13-14 years 125cc
    1st Zac Watson – 537 (Suncity Yamaha)

    2nd Ryan Alexanderson – 529
    3rd Charli Cannon – 487 (YMA)

    14-15 years 85cc
    1st Zac Watson – 590 (Suncity Yamaha)

    2nd Kobi Wolfe – 575
    3rd Kale Irwin – 516

    12-13 years 85cc
    1st Braden Plath – 592
    2nd Kobi Drew – 585
    3rd Charli Cannon – 506 (YMA)

    MX2- Pro
    1st Jayce Cosford – 513 (Top Gun Yamaha)

    2nd Joel Evans – 424
    3rd Mason Rowe – 421
  • SA MX Results - Round Two

    Junior 125cc
    1st Alex Larwood – 105 (GYTR- YJR)

    2nd Taj Gow – Smith – 96
    3rd Brodie Petschauer – 88

    Junior 250cc
    1st Alex Larwood – 105 (GYTR-YJR)

    2nd Taj Gow- Smith – 96
    3rd Jack Mclean – 88

    9-11 years 85cc
    1st Jake Sanderson – 105
    2nd Lachlan Metcalfe – 96
    3rd Wil Carpenter – 88 (GYTR- YJR)

    10-12 years 65cc
    1st Ollie Gear – 105
    2nd Jake Sanderson – 90
    3rd Wil Carpenter – 90 (GYTR-YJR)

    7-9 years 65cc
    1st Tom Bowering – 102
    2nd Jobe Dunne – 93 (GYTR-YJR)
    3rd Jai Hay - 92