bLU cRU Factory Bike Insight - The Yamaha YZ250F

Yamaha has a huge presence in the domestic motocross scene and no where is that more evident in the 250cc division where we have a range of teams and riders spread across the MX2, MXD and junior divisions.
Over recent history, the YZ250F has been by far the bike of choice as it has racked up championship after championship and shootout win after shootout win on Australian shores as well as considerable international acclaim.The ground breaking race weapon has racked up MX Nationals championships in both MX2 and MXD, Australian Supercross Championships, Australian Junior Nationals and not to mention some off road championships sprinkled in. Since 2014, its clearly been the bike you must be on.

In 2019, Yamaha unleashed a heavily updated YZ250F with improved handling and even more power and instantly success followed. Add another Australian Supercross Championship and an Australian Junior Motocross Championship all within months of its release.

But are the bikes you see under the factory truck awnings and on the race track, that far removed from the bike you wheel out of your dealer showroom? The Yamaha Race teams give us a brief run down on how they prepare and build their bikes for championship success.

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Top 5 Tips for Your YZ250F
1. Regularly servicing of the airfilter, oil and oil filter
2. Don’t cut the mesh from behind the airfilter- it can cause the filter to not seal and then suck dirt into the motor
3. Use 35mm static sag, 105mm ride height as your base line for getting the basic set up of the bike right.
4. Use the Power Tuner App to get the most from your bike. Here is a video explaining all its functions:
5. Feel free to play around with the App and tune your own maps, but if you need a few to get you started, simply google up "YZ250F Yamaha Power Tuner Maps" and plenty will instantly appear. 

YZ250F -Australian Championship Success
1st 2014 MX Nationals – Luke Clout
1st 2015 MX Nationals – Jay Wilson (MX2) / Wilson Todd (MXD)
1st 2015 AJMX – Hunter Lawrence
1st 2016 MX Nationals – Jed Beaton (MX2) / Mitch Evans (MXD)
1st 2016 ASX – Jackson Richardson (SX2) / Mitch Evans (MXD)
1st 2017 MX Nationals – Cody Dyce (MXD)
1st 2017 ASX – Jackson Richardson (SX2)
1st 2018 MX Nationals – Wilson Todd (MX2) / Bailey Malkiewicz (MXD)
1st 2018 ASX – Jay Wilson (SX2 – on 2019 model)
1st 2018 AJMX – Alex Larwood (on 2019 model)

YZ250F International Championship Success
1st 2014 AMA MX Champion – Jeremy Martin
1st 2015 AMA MX Champion- Jeremy Martin
1st 2015 AMA West Coast SX Champion – Cooper Webb
1st 2016 AMA MX Champion – Cooper Webb
1st 2016 AMA West Coast SX Champion – Cooper Webb
1st 2018 AMA MX Champion – Aaron Plessinger
1st 2018 AMA West Coast SX Champion – Aaron Plessinger
1st 2019 AMA West Coast SX – Dylan Ferrandis

Shootout Success
Winner – ADB Mag 250cc shootout
Winner – Motocross Action Mag 250cc shootout
Winner – VitalMX 250cc shootout
Winner – DirtBike Mag 250cc shootout

To view a video on the Australian launch of the YZ250F and some of the media feedback: