Yamaha Racing Rules in ASBK Support

The Wakefield Park round of the Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) proved to be a successful hunting ground for Yamaha supported riders as they took all before them in another dominant weekend.
Yamaha riders again cleaned up with success in the 600cc Supersport, 300cc Supersport as well as developing the future talent in the R3 Cup and R15 OJC in a huge weekend of racing in front of a good sized crowd at Wakefield Park.

To view the bLU cRU review of the weekend: https://youtu.be/x9L8q3Tr8NM

The 600cc Supersport race again produced some of the best racing over the weekend with the Yamaha trio of Broc Pearson, Max Stauffer and Tom Edwards engaging in a bike fight at 200ks an hour. Pearson took the round win, but it was far from easy as his rivals really took the battle up to him.

Pearson led the opening race and was just beginning to stretch his lead when the race was stopped due to a fallen rider. They re-gridded the field and let them loose for a six lap dash to the finish but Pearson suffered from a poor start and was back in third and desperate to get to the front. He passed Edwards and clawed his way to the rear tyre of Stauffer where he made a desperate lunge on the second last lap.

He squeezed by and as a result, Edwards also smelt blood in the water and he too had a shot at Stauffer. In the end, Pearson raced by for the win, Edwards and Stauffer took second and third respectively and the crowd were on their feet.

Race two and this time it was Pearson up the front and Stauffer haunting him like a ghost. The young gun was all over Pearson as the pair moved clear of Edwards as the pace really picked up. Max then made a mistake and dropped some time but quickly regathered composure, charged back up to the rear wheel of Pearson and then moved by with a couple of laps remaining.

With a 1-2 result, Pearson won the day and consolidated his lead in the Supersport Championship. Stauffer finished second with 3-1 results but is quickly becoming a major player in the 600cc category. Edwards took home third with 2-3 finishes.

In the 300cc Supersport it was a Ben Baker benefit. Mounted on his Yamaha-R3, Baker was a cut above his rivals all weekend and dominated the round to take home maximum points and move 35 points clear in the championship chase.

It was a Yamaha 1-3 in the 300cc Superport with Archie Macdonald coming home in third place.

Ben Baker also set the pace in the Yamaha R3 Cup with another wheel perfect performance while Cameron Swain was too good in the R15-OJC and both have extended their leads in each division.

With the Superbikes only taking to the track in Darwin alongside the V8 Supercars, the remaining divisions will now focus on the Morgan Park round at Warwick in August.

ASBK Results

  • ASBK Results - Wakefield Park

    600cc Supersport
    1st Broc Pearson – 46 (Yamaha-R6)
    2nd Max Stauffer – 43 (Yamaha- R6)
    3rd Tom Edwards – 38 (Yamaha – R6)

    300cc Supersport
    1st Ben Baker – 76 (Yamaha – R3)
    2nd Zack Johnson – 60
    3rd Archie MacDonald – 51 (Yamaha – R3)

    Yamaha R3 Cup
    1st Ben Baker – 75
    2nd Archie MacDonald – 60
    3rd Angus Grenfell – 52

    Yamaha OJC R15 Cup
    1st Cameron Swain – 68
    2nd Hayden Nelson – 63
    3rd Levi Russo – 47

    Championship Standings
    600cc Supersport

    1st Broc Pearson – 91
    2nd Tom Edwards – 84
    3rd Max Stauffer – 78

    300cc Supersport
    1st Ben Baker – 136
    2nd Zack Johnson – 101
    3rd Reece Oughtred – 98

    Yamaha R3 Cup
    1st Ben Baker – 131
    2nd Cameron Dunker – 96
    3rd Reece Oughtred – 89

    Yamaha OJC R15 Cup
    1st Cameron Swain - 143
    2nd Levi Russo – 92
    3rd Nate O’Neill - 86