Thirteen Thrill-seekers Ready to Roll

The GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing Team is set to roll on for another year with thirteen talented thrill-seekers ready to terrorise motocross tracks around the country in 2022.
Media Information: 4 January 2022

Now in its 15th year as a lynch pin in Yamaha Australia’s national racing program, Yamaha Junior Racing continues to produce not just results but high-quality riders who have gone onto achieve much bigger things in racing. With a state’-based coach and mentor, Yamaha Junior Racing works closely with the rider and the families to ensure each rider gets the attention and focus they need and fast track their development.

GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing also receives significant support from a range of companies that have continued to invest in junior racing for some time. Alongside Yamaha, Yamalube and GYTR sit quality brands like Dunlop, Scott, Just 1, DID chains, JT Sprockets and NGK Sparkplugs.  

With riders able to join YJR at the age of eight on a YZ65, they can pass through each division as they progress to the YZ85, the all new YZ125 and the class leading YZ250F at the age of 16. Then with the structure of Yamaha professional race teams, riders can move through WBR Yamaha, Yamalube Yamaha, Serco Yamaha to the pinnacle in Australia, The CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team. Even now three riders who have progressed from YJR are working with our professional teams in the last two years.

The 2022 rider line up remains relatively unchanged as the last two years have been super successful for Yamaha Junior Racing riders, despite the covid issues. Over 25 state championships won in 2020 and 2021 means the line up is already strong and developing nicely.

The riders for 2022 are Deegan Fort and Jake Rumens from Western Australia, Wil Carpenter and Ryder Woodrow from South Australia, Jay Jennings and Angus Pearce from Tasmania, Pat Martin and Jobe Dunne from Victoria, Heath Davy, Kayd Kingsford and Seth Burchell from New South Wales, Jake Cannon and Kobe Drew from Queensland.

No other manufacturer can offer or invests in the junior segment of the sport and Yamaha’s long term and consistent approach has made it the team of choice for all up and coming riders.

“Yamaha Junior Racing continues to be the leader in emerging motocross talent in Australia with the most comprehensive package to offer riders and families,” explains Yamaha’s Scott Bishop.

“Over the past 15 years, many riders have successfully passed through Yamaha Junior Racing and gone onto bigger and better things both nationally and internationally and tis something we will continue to strive for in the future.

“Motocross is a great sport and can present many experiences and opportunities to hard working riders and we will continue to work closely with riders and families to assist them in achieving their goals, both as a person and as an athlete,” Bishop ends.

The first hit out for several riders will be the upcoming Coffs Harbour Stadium MX on January 14. State based racing gets underway in February across the eastern seaboard with SA and WA getting their state championships started by April. Many of the riders in Yamaha Junior Racing will be able to compete in the newly formed MX3 class at the Pro MX championship and hopefully, Rockhampton in Queensland will finally get to run the Australian Junior Motocross Championships in September after two years of Covid postponements. 

2022 Rider Line up
Western Australia

Deegan Fort – YZ65 / YZ85
Jake Rumens – YZ125/ YZ250F

South Australia

Wil Carpenter – YZ125/ YZ250F
Ryder Woodrow – YZ85

Pat Martin – YZ125/ YZ250F
Jobe Dunne – YZ85

Angus Pearce – YZ125/ YZ250F
Jay Jennings – YZ85

New South Wales
Seth Burchell – YZ125/ YZ250F
Kayd Kingsford- YZ85 / YZ125
Heath Davy – YZ65 / YZ85

Kobe Drew – YZ125/ YZ250F
Jake Cannon – YZ125 /YZ250F