Double Up in Darwin

The recent 2+4 event in Darwin saw the ASBK regulars combine with the Supercar championships and produced a motorsport festival the locals won’t soon forget.
In amongst the fast-paced action of two and four wheeled machines reaching nearly 300K’s an hour along the front straight at the Hidden Valley circuit, was some fun and frivolity when multi-time Supercar champion, Craig Lowndes, leapt onto the back of a purpose built Yamaha Racing Team two up, YZF- R1 with Cru Halliday and set off an a couple of hot laps around the track.

To view the double-up lap of Darwin:

Lowndes, a motorcycle enthusiast from way back, clung onto the back of the thundering Yamaha R1 like a flag in a stiff breeze as Halliday gave him an experience he would never forget. The pair busted out a couple of laps in front of the Darwin locals before returning to pit lane, both grinning ear to ear from the experience.

“It’s not every day you get to double around a motorsport legend, so it was a real honour for me to take Craig around and give him the Superbike experience,” Halliday begins. “I did go a little easy on him as he is getting old and I didn’t want to frighten him too much,” Halliday jokes.

“I wish I could actually go harder and really show him what it feels like, but having an extra 80kgs strapped to the back of the bike does make a huge difference to the way the bike works and how it handles so I had to knock off some speed here and there.

“But I did hear him laugh and yell a few times, so assume he did enjoy it and its great for us to show the car guys what we can do and how it feels to ride a bike at speed  around a race track,” Halliday ends.

The Australian Superbike Championship is looking to resume at Morgan Park in Warwick on August 21-22 for the next round of action. Halliday currently sits in fourth place in the championship and looking to claw back some points.