May Madness at GYTR YJR

The month of May has been a hectic one for the GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing Team riders with nearly every state in action over the past few weekends. Races spread from Perth in the west, Tasmania in the south and Queensland in the north and with GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing making their presence felt.
The month kicked off with the Penguin circuit hosting round two of the Tasmanian Motocross Championships and the duo of Angus Pearce and Jay Jennings looking to build on their round one results.

Angus led the way with his round win in the 13-16 years 125/250cc class with 3-1-1- results on the day. Angus had just returned from injury as he battled his way back into form but he managed to take the win on the day and increase his lead in the championship to 13 points.

Jay Jennings did battle in two divisions, the 10-12 years 65cc and the 9-11 years 85cc and proved to be ultra-consistent in both classes. He finished with second place in both and racked up six second place results to keep him well placed in championship as the series progresses. He leads both classes with a 16 point lead in the 65cc and a 21 point lead on the 85 proving his consistency is paying off.

Western Australia
Round two of the WA Junior Motocross Championships hit Hendley Park on the same weekend with both Jake Rumens and Deegan Fort ready to do battle across four classes in a busy weekend for the team. Rumens on board his YZ85 and YZ125, while Fort handles the 65 and 85cc duties.

Rumens finished the day with a win on board his YZ85 taking 1-3-1 results and close in on the series leader. He backed that up with a third place finish in the 125 class in what was a strong day for the young gun.

Deegan Fort also wanted his slice of the podium action and did that by securing a second place finish on his YZ65 in the 10 - 12 years group and a third place in the 9-11 years 85cc making it a big weekend for the team with a podium result in all classes contested.

After two rounds of the championship, Rumens sits second and fifth on his 85 and 125 respectively, while Fort holds down second place on both his 65 and 85.

New South Wales
The Maitland round of the East Coast MX series in New South Wales got under way in May and despite the event having wet weather issues in recent times, conditions were good for round two of the popular series and the event was well attended with a big rider turnout over the weekend.

Flying the YJR flag at the event were the Kingsford brothers, with both Ryder and Kayd in action. Ryder was doubling classing it, contesting the 13-15 years 125 and 13-15 years 250cc while Kayd held things down in the 12-15 years 85cc division.

Ryder claimed the win in the 250 class with 3-1-2 results. A fall in races one and three cost him the perfect score in the class but he was able to quicky rebound in each race to salvage good results and take the round win on the day.

He also secured third place on his YZ125, making it another trip to the podium for the day. He finished with 3-2-3 results and wasn’t happy with how he rode this bike on the day and is determined to get things back on track next outing.

For younger brother Kayd, he took the win on his 85 with two race wins and a second place in a good days racing. Kayd has battled injury in recent times but is now starting to build some continuity into his riding and the results are starting to show.

It was round four of the Sunshine State Motocross Series at the Warwick circuit recently and that track proved to be one of the more challenging in recent times. Lead up rain left it wet and thick all the way through but with a fine and sunny weekend, the track become rutty, technical and sorted out the men from the boys.

Kobe Drew continues his outstanding form in 2021 with another two class victory at Warwick. He won all three motos on his YZ125 in the 13-15 years 125cc class after having to charge his way through the pack in each moto.

On the 250, he almost made it the perfect weekend for the second round running but come up just short finishing with 2-1-1 results but still enough to claim the round win. The success in both classes saw Drew extend his lead in the series and with one round remaining just needs to use his smarts to secure both series victories.

Jake Cannon showed he knew how to handle the ruts and bumps at Warwick as he dominated the 12-15 years 85cc class. Cannon won all three motos on his YZ85 with a comfortable gap over his rivals. He also proved consistent in the 125cc class, taking fourth place.

Cannon holds the lead in the 85cc class and second place on the 125, right behind teammate Drew.

The Victorian junior Motocross championships continued Warrnambool over the weekend with round two taking place. As many as five of the YJR team riders converged for the event and again posted impressive results.

Jay Jennings and Angus Pearce from Tasmania as well as Jake Rumens from WA, joined the Victorian pair of Pat martin and Jobe Dunne at the event.

Jobe Dunne took a hard fought win in the 9-11 years 85cc class with 1-3-1 results to finish a handful of points clear of Tasmanian counterpart Jay Jennings in second with his 3-2-2 finishes. Jennings made it a double podium day when he took the victory in the 10-12 years 65cc class with 1-2-2 results.

In the bigger bikes, Angus Pearce charged home with a second place in the 13-15 years 125 cc class and racked up a third place finish on the 250 with another consistent and strong performance.

Pat Martin was just a hair behind Pearce in both divisions where he finished fourth on the 250cc machine with 6-5-4 moto scores and fourth again on the 125 taking 5-4-2 results. Jake Rumens chimed in with a fifth place result in the 12-15 years 85cc class and improved as the day went on.

GYTR YJR Results

  • GYTR YJR Results

    Tasmania MX Round Two
    13-15 years 125/250cc
    1st Angus Pearce – 100 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Zack Buxton – 99
    3rd Harry Barber- 90

    10-12 years 65cc
    1st Cooper Ford - 105
    2nd Jay Jennings – 96 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    3rd Brodie Faulkner – 88

    9-11 years 85cc
    1st Cooper Ford – 105
    2nd Jay Jennings – 96
    3rd Jacob Brewer – 88

    Tasmanian Championship Points
    1st Angus Pearce -170 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    2nd Zack Buxton – 163
    3rd Harry Barber – 134

    10-12 years 65cc
    1st Jay Jennings – 166 (Yamaha YZ65)
    2nd Brodie Faulkner – 150
    3rd Jacob Brewer – 148

    9-11 years 85cc
    1st Jay Jennings – 201 (Yamaha YZ85)
    2nd Jacob Brewer – 180
    3rd Jed grey – 169

    WA MX Round Two
    12-15 years 85cc
    1st Jake Rumens – 70 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Pat Butler – 69
    3rd Sonny Pellicano – 62

    10-12 years 65cc
    1st Mason Brown – 75
    2nd Deegan Fort – 66 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    3rd Levi Farr – 54

    9-11 years 85cc
    1st Mason Brown – 75
    2nd Ryley Fiford – 64
    3rd Deegan Fort – 56 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)

    13-15 years 125cc
    1st Dylan Walsh – 72
    2nd Deacon Paice – 69
    3rd Jake Rumens – 54 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)

    WA Championship Points
    1st 12-15 years 85cc
    1st Pat Butler – 144
    2nd Jake Rumens – 136 (Yamaha YZ85)
    3rd Sonny Pellicano – 108

    10-12 years 65cc
    1st Mason Brown – 147
    2nd Deegan Fort – 135 (Yamaha YZ65)
    3rd James Egerton Warburton – 101

    9-11 years 85cc
    1st Mason Brown – 129
    2nd Deegan Fort – 125 (Yamaha YZ85)
    3rd Ryley Fiford – 115

    13-15 years 125cc
    1st Deacon Paice – 135
    2nd Dylan Walsh – 132
    3rd Sonny Pellicano – 99
    4th Pat Butler – 96
    5th Jake Rumens – 94 (Yamaha YZ125)
    NSW East Coast MX
    12-15 years 86cc
    1st Kayd Kingsford – 102 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Oliver Paterno – 83
    3rd Nate Thompson – 82

    13-15 years 250cc
    1st Ryder Kingsford – 97 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Seth Burchell – 95 (Yamaha)
    3rd Connor Towill – 86

    13-15 years 125cc
    1st Connor Towill – 105
    2nd Seth Burchell- 94 (Yamaha)
    3rd Ryder Kingsford – 92 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    Sunshine State MX Series – Round Four
    12-15 years 85cc
    1st Jake Cannon – 105 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Braden Plath – 94
    3rd Heath Fisher – 92

    13-15 years 125cc
    1st Kobe Drew – 105 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Jack Mather – 96
    3rd Liam Owens – 90
    4th Jake Cannon – 82 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)

    13-15 years 250cc
    1st Kobe Drew – 102 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Jack Mather – 99
    3rd Liam Owens – 88

    Series Points
    12-15 years 85cc
    1st Jake Cannon – 399 (Yamaha YZ85)
    2nd Braden Plath – 374
    3rd Heath Fisher – 362

    13-15 years 125cc
    1st Kobe Drew – 413 (Yamaha YZ125)
    2nd Jake Cannon – 326 (Yamaha YZ125)
    3rd Jesse Holding - 305 (Yamaha YZ125)

    13-15 years 250cc
    1st Kobe Drew – 414 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    2nd Liam Owens – 343
    3rd Jett Burgess Stevens – 341
    Victorian MX Round Two
    9-11 years 85cc
    1st Jobe Dunne – 70 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Jay Jennings – 64 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    3rd Cooper Ford – 62

    10-12 years 65cc
    1st Jay Jennings – 69 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    2nd Cooper Ford – 68
    3rd Paddy Lewis – 58

    13-15 years 250cc
    1st Connor Towill - 72
    2nd Cambell Williams – 67
    3rd Angus Pearce – 50 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    4th Pat Martin – 49 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)

    13-15years 125cc
    1st Connor Towill – 75
    2nd Angus Pearce- 62 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)
    3rd Brodie Petschauer – 58
    4th Pat Martin – 56 (GYTR Yamaha Junior Racing)