Yamalube Dealer Techs Revel in ProMX World

The Yamalube race tech for a day experience proved to be an awesome initiative as four dealer-based technicians worked with Yamaha Australia four motocross teams across a huge final weekend of ProMX at Coolum.
As Yamaha charged to two Pro MX Championships and multiple podium results, Riley Lake and Seth Jackson from Northstar Yamaha, Alec Griffiths from Caboolture Yamaha and Jake Gracie from Team Moto, all shared in the fun as they worked closely with their respective Yamaha teams.

Each of the four technicians were elbows deep in race team bikes, race team tactics and race team discussions as they got a close look at the inner workings of a professional motocross team and all of them came away from the weekend with not just a greater motorcycle knowledge but also an experience that will only benefit them back in their Yamaha dealership.

With thanks to the ProMX organisers as well as Motorcycling Australia, each of them were allowed access to the start line, mechanics area and pitboard area to watch and get the full race team mechanic experience.

To view the guys in action: https://youtu.be/GuUKdNqq-rw

“What an awesome weekend,” said Riley Lake as he worked with the CDR Yamaha Team. “I was happy to see inside the trucks and work with the team prior to the race but to be able to really be a part of it and see what happens behind the scenes was a great experience and something I really enjoyed.

“The adrenaline and intensity at the start line and also the planning and professionalism surprised me. The team was thorough with everything, and I learnt so much about the bike and setting it up for the rider.

“And, I have never worked on a bike with 200 people looking over the fence. That takes some getting used to. Having a crowd makes for a great atmosphere but having people watch everything you do must be off-putting for the team mechanics and something that would take time to get used to.”

Throughout the day each technician could be seen working hard with their team and being actively involved with the other technicians and even the riders. From washing bikes and gear to pre-race bike checks, while one tech was even seen swinging off a pit board mid race for their rider.    

“I’m so thankful for the weekend and to the teams for giving us so much insight,” Alec offers. “All four of us said how much knowledge the teams passed on and how every question was answered and explained. Things that would take time to learn in the dealership are done quickly and properly in racing as there is no time to waste.

“We had one situation where after free practice on Sunday we had to get two bikes turned around and back to the starting line in less then an hour for moto one. That’s washed, new airfilter, fuel, checked over, spokes and back ready to go. It was intense.”

“Tara, the teams and the riders were cool to deal with and all of them made the weekend go so well. I was ready to go Monday if they had kept racing,” Alec signs off.

Each tech was on hand for both days and got to ride the highs and lows of a racing weekend within their own team. The fast-paced racing world is different to inside a dealership and the skill set required by techs needs to be vast and comprehensive. Giving dealer-based techs this experience can only benefit them and the dealer in the future. 

“The feedback from the dealer techs and the teams has been very positive,’ explains Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories Marketing manager, Tara-Lea Albury. “The teams were amazing in welcoming their tech and giving them full access to the bikes and personnel while the techs loved the experience and all of them want to do it again.

“I think everyone benefitted from the weekend and I believe this is something we can continue to do as it was so well received.

“On behalf of Yamalube I would like to thank the dealers, the race teams and riders involved in pulling this all together and we look forward to offering this again before the end of the year,” Albury ends.