Hill On The Charge for CDR Yamaha

The CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team experienced a challenging night at round three of the Australian Supercross Championship but are determined to bounce back and finish the year strongly at the final round next weekend.
Aaron Tanti and Josh Hill were in fine form entering the third round of the championship at Newcastle and with nearly 20,000 people on hand to watch at McDonald–Jones Stadium, the riders were out for victory and continue their good form from the previous round in Adelaide.

To view the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team round review: https://youtu.be/4ecnLSndAVI

The popular Josh Hill was back on Australian shores to finish out the Supercross season with the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team. Hill was third in Adelaide and looking to continue his climb higher up the podium in Newcastle.

Starts proved to be his major issue of the night in Newcastle and despite some seriously good track speed, the short sprint race final format left Hill charging through the pack and running out of time at the end to make a serious challenge to the leaders.

He finished the night with 6-4-2 results to land in fourth overall and clearly improved as the night went on. The final race saw Hill just miss the race win by .5 of a second.

“I just struggled to get a decent start all night,” Hill begins. “I wasn’t getting any decent track position early in the race and with each race only eight laps, it left me with too much work to do to get a race win.

“The bike and team were awesome and I think if I can just get myself near the front at the start, I can grab a moto or round win. We have one much chance to do that at Wagga, so I’m looking forward to trying to reward the team with a great result and finish the season on a high,” he ends.

Tanti has been nothing short of a sensation in season 2022, from winning the ProMX championship to bar to bar with the best supercross riders in the world. He was fresh of victory at Adelaide and tied on points with reigning multi-time champion, Justin Brayton as the pair looked to square off again in Newcastle.

But the night didn’t go as planned for Tanti and he fell awkwardly in race two of the three final format. He was battered and bruised and unable to complete the nights racing so the much- anticipated Tanti / Brayton battle didn’t come to fruition.

Tanti is ok and in good spirits and will undergo a range of tests and treatments this week.

“I was in the lead of that second race and it was a pretty simple section that I just got wrong. I felt like I landed and then tried to take off from a soft spot and the bike didn’t get any lift from the ramp and I went front wheel first into the next jump.

“Thankfully, the flag marshals got around me and made sure I was protected as I was right in the middle of the racing line.

“I’m feeling ok now and but will continue to monitor things with my doctor as the week progresses,” Tanti said.

The fourth and final round of the Australian Supercross Championship hits Wagga Wagga this weekend with action getting underway on Saturday afternoon.

ASX Results

  • ASX Results

    Round 3- Newcastle

    1st Matt Moss- 4 (Yamaha)
    2nd Dylan Wills – 10
    3rd Justin Brayton – 10
    4th Josh Hill – 12 (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team)
    5th Kyle Webster – 12
    6th Dylan Wood – 19
    7th Robbie Marshall – 22
    8th Cory Watts – 25
    9th Blake Cobbin – 28
    10th Joel Cigliano – 29

    13th Aaron Tanti – 41 (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team)

    SX1 Championship Standings
    1st Just Brayton – 67
    2nd Matt Moss – 59 (Yamaha)
    3rd Aaron Tanti – 55 (Yamaha)
    4th Dylan Wills – 52
    5th Kyle Webster – 46
    6th Dylan Wood – 39
    7th Josh Hill – 38 (Yamaha)
    8th Hayden Mellross – 32
    9th Joel Cigliano – 30
    10th Jackson Richardson - 26