Budd Rebounds for Serco Yamaha

After a disappointing first round, Serco Yamaha’s Rhys Budd, has rebounded strongly at round two of the ProMX Championship with a fourth place finish in the MX2 division for the day, highlighted with a podium in race two.

Budd and teammate, Jesse Dobson, both faced some challenges over the weekend as the Appin circuit again provided a confronting stage for the riders with its long and twisted ruts and huge jumps.

To view the Serco Yamaha bLu cRU review: https://youtu.be/coLQtTsdBR8

Budd was confident coming into the Appin round as he is familiar with the circuit having spent plenty of time here as a junior but with the hot weather expected, the track conditions were considerably different to what he would have experienced in the past with plenty of water pumped into the track to keep the dust under control.

It was those muddy conditions that caught Budd out in moto one when he was barrelled into turn one only to be severally roosted by flying dirt debris as the 40 rider field leaned back in the throttle. Budd’s vision was reduced to nothing and before lap was even completed, he was into the mechanics area for a goggle swap which left him towards the back and a lot of work to be done.

With some new goggles and clear vision be began his climb back through the field and made his way from 32nd place back to 10th by race end in a commendable effort. Despite the first race charged, he wasn’t satisfied with the result and vowed to do better in race two.

He ripped a great start and parked his YZ250F in the lead on the opening laps. Slotted in behind him were the heavy weights of the field but Budd dug in and was up for the fight. Wilson Todd was able to sneak by, then Nathan Crawford, as Budd settled into third place. Crawford go the better of Todd, then Budd stayed in touch with Todd all the way until the finish but unable to slip past. His 10-3 results gave him fourth for the day and moved him up to sixth in the MX2 championship.

“We had to work hard for it today,” Budd begins. “The track was pretty wet and sloppy, and I didn’t get a great lap in qualifying in and not the best choice of gate. Then I was just smashed with mud in the first few turns and had to get some goggles as it was too dangerous to race with out them. I did what I could but the leaders were long gone.

“For race two, we just put a lot of focus on the start, and I was able to get the holeshot and lead for a couple of laps. Nathan and Wilson got past me and I had Alex Larwood right behind me so the pressure was on the whole race but I managed to stay in third and finish the day strongly.

“Thanks to the Serco Yamaha team and our sponsors for the support and things are starting to come around. I’m looking forward to the next round and keep fighting my way back into this championship,” Budd said.

It was a tough day for Jesse Dobson who just couldn’t find any flow or consistency on the Appin circuit. His qualifying was a bit off and could only manage 6-11 results in the two motos to land in seventh for the day and sit fourth in the championship.

“Not a real lot to say unfortunately. I just had an off day and couldn’t get comfortable on the track. I had speed at times but it wasn’t fast enough for long enough to get the result myself and the team deserve.   

“I want to watch the video of the race to see what the other riders were doing and why I was struggling so much. You can still learn a lot from a tough day like this and I want to ensure I bounce back at the next round and give the Serco Yamaha team a result they can be proud of,” Dobson offers.

ProMX Results

  • Pro MX Results Round Two

    Appin – MX2
    1st Nathan Crawford – 50
    2nd Wilson Todd – 44
    3rd Brodie Connelly – 36
    4th Rhys Budd – 31 (Serco Yamaha)
    5th Kaleb Barham – 29
    6th Kayden Minear – 29
    7th Jesse Dobson – 25 (Serco Yamaha)
    8th Jayce Cosford – 25
    9th Liam Andrews – 22
    10th Ryan Alexanderson – 19

    MX2 Championship Standings
    1st Wilson Todd – 69
    2nd Brodie Connelly – 52
    3rd Nathan Crawford – 50
    4th Jesse Dobson – 47 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    5th Kayden Minear – 47
    6th Rhys Budd – 42 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    7th Kaleb Barham – 39
    8th Jayce Cosford – 37 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    9th Liam Andrews – 36
    10th Alex Larwood – 33 (Yamaha YZ250F)