Up and Down Day for Yamalube Yamaha Racing

In blistering conditions, the Yamalube Yamaha Racing Team duo of Alex Larwood and Jayce Cosford experienced an up and down day at round two of the ProMX championship, held at the Appin circuit, southwest of Sydney.
Both riders showed good speed and fitness in hot and trying conditions but weren’t able to produce the consistency required to be on the podium at a national motocross event in the MX2 class.

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Jayce Cosford rounded out the day in eighth place but promised so much more. Cosford started the day well with a good qualifying result and then charged his way to a fourth place finish in moto one as he relentlessly moved his way through the pack.

Race two and things were looking similar as Cosford had moved from outside the top ten and closing in on the group of riders fighting over fifth place when he made a mistake and went down. He quickly remounted and got himself back into the fight, only to have another fall a few laps later, this time dropping him outside the top 15.

He scrambled in the remaining laps to get back to 14th place and his 4-14 results saw him complete the day in eighth. He also sits eighth in the championship after the first two rounds.

“It was a frustrating way to end the day for me with two simple crashes taking away what was going to be a top five result for the round,” Cosford laments. “I just needed to stay focused and not let the little mistakes creep into my riding because it’s hurting my results.

“But I felt good on the bike all day and kept moving forward in each race. My fitness is good and qualifying sixth on a wet and muddy track that I haven’t ridden much was also good. We have a month to the next round, so there is plenty of time to tune things up and get things back on track,” he ends.

Alex Larwood was in the same situation as Cosford, having one good race and another not so good. Larwood qualified in P-2 as he continues his way back to top form and eager to turn that pace into a good result in the opening moto. Things were on track in the early going with Larwood moving into fourth and pressuring the riders ahead and looking for an opportunity to get by.

His eyes widened when he saw a gap and he launched from a jump, only to land in a mudhole and instantly come to a halt, flicking him over the handlebars and out of the race.

But always a warrior, Larwood padded up again for race two and was back in the heat of the battle. He was in the lead pack with a freight train of four riders looking to take control of the event. He shadowed Wilson Todd and Rhys Budd for 25 minutes but was unable to make a pass. His DNF-4 netted him 11th for the round and is now running 10th in the championship after two rounds.

“The result wasn’t there but there are a lot of positives I can take from the weekend. My speed was good in qualifying and in the first race until I went down and I was happy that I was about to bounce back in moto two.

“I feel momentum is starting to come in my riding and that the work during the week is starting to pay off.

“The bike is working well and the team are doing everything they can and I think by the time we get to Albury, we will be back to where I was pre-injury and looking to get better.”

ProMX Results

  • ProMX Results

    Appin – MX2
    1st Nathan Crawford – 50
    2nd Wilson Todd – 44
    3rd Brodie Connelly – 36
    4th Rhys Budd – 31
    5th Kaleb Barham – 29
    6th Kayden Minear – 29
    7th Jesse Dobson – 25
    8th Jayce Cosford – 25 (Yamalube Yamaha Racing)
    9th Liam Andrews – 22
    10th Ryan Alexanderson – 19
    11th Alex Larwood – 18 (Yamalube Yamaha Racing)

    MX2 Championship Standings
    1st Wilson Todd – 69
    2nd Brodie Connelly – 52
    3rd Nathan Crawford – 50
    4th Jesse Dobson – 47 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    5th Kayden Minear – 47
    6th Rhys Budd – 42 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    7th Kaleb Barham – 39
    8th Jayce Cosford – 37 (Yamaha YZ250F)
    9th Liam Andrews – 36
    10th Alex Larwood – 33 (Yamaha YZ250F)