Sky Division Flies High at Emperor's Birthday

Yamaha Motor Australia's Sky Division was recently honoured with an invitation to the Embassy of Japan’s annual reception to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty the Emperor.
Traditionally held on the grounds of the Japanese Ambassador's residence, the 2021 celebration provided an opportunity for invited companies to display their products inside the impressive premises where Ambassador Shingo Yamagami and his wife reside.
More of a formal ceremony than a celebration, the reception provides an opportunity for Australian-based Japanese companies to display and promote their latest technology and services to invited business leaders and dignitaries.  
Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Australia, Tom Okamoto, chose the Sky Division to represent YMA with its new FAZER R G2 UAV satellite-guided helicopter. "Our Fazer is highly recognised around the world as a cost and time effective solution for various societal challenges," Mr Okamoto explained. "I’m happy to be able to show Yamaha’s limitless potential to all those who attended the ceremony." 
The Fazer R G2 took centre stage on the impressive Sky Division display and attracted plenty of attention. Ambassador Shingo Yamagami and his wife showed immense interest in the unmanned helicopter, impressed by the Fazer's level of technology and range of possible commercial applications.
The FAZER R G2 is presently involved in many commercial projects around Australia and the world. Further information can be obtained from the Yamaha Sky Division web page -