Race Report - Yamaha dominates at Rnd 3 of NSW Aqua X

Following his unfortunate accident at the 2nd Round of the Aqua X in January, Mitch Wayt was eager to make ammends with his Stock-Class FZR, and test the waters with his newly-completed Open-Class FZS SVHO tuned by Worx Racing.

On February 28 2016, Mitch Wayt #16, raced in Round 3 of the NSW PWC Aqua X against Australia's fastest riders.

For the first time in his career, Mitch stepped it up on the pro-circuit; by entering into four different classes on the day - a total of 10 Motos between the classes.

Due to the combined class format, Mitch raced his Stock-Class 2016 FZR SVHO in three classes; Stock-Class Runabout Closed-Circuit, Stock-Class Runabout Endurance and Open-Class Runabout Endurance.

Mitch raced his Open-Class 2015 FZS SVHO in the Open-Class Runabout Closed-Circuit.

  • Stock-Class Runabout Closed-Circuit - 1st | 1st | 1st = 1st overall
    Mitch rode a classic flag-to-flag race in all three Motos of the hotly contested Stock-Runabout Closed-Circuit Class.
    Mitch's flawless stock-class performance earned him a well-deserved 1st overall.
  • Open-Class Runabout Closed-Circuit - 2nd | 3rd | 2nd = 2nd/3rd overall
    After bringing his 2015 FZS SVHO out of retirement to race in the open-class, Mitch was able to go head-to-head with the fastest open-class riders in Australia. Mitch fought hard in Moto 1 to claim 2nd, repeating the performance in Moto 2 and 3 to earn 3rd and 2nd respectively. At the end of the day, Mitch stood on the podium in 3rd place overall.
  • Stock-Class Runabout Endurance - 1st | 1st = 1st overall FZR
    Similar to Mitch's Stock-Class Closed-Course races, Mitch was able to ride a flawless victory in both motos; after a great start off-the-line Mitch raced hard to build a large lead to win Moto 1.
    Mitch repeated his performance in Moto 2, to win again, earning him top-place on the podium; 1st overall.
  • Open-Class Runabout Endurance - 2nd | 2nd = 2nd overall FZR
    Due to the racing format, Mitch entered Open-Class Enduro with his Stock-Class FZR, which presented a horsepower disadvantage in comparison to the competition in this class.
    Although carrying a horsepower handicap, Mitch Wayt makes up for that disadvantage with is his quick reflexes, lightning-fast holeshots and the ability to carry speed through the corners. 
    His unique riding style paid-off, with the stock-class FZR rider earning a well-deserved 2nd in both Moto 1 and Moto 2; despite his significant power disadvantage against the other Open-Class watercraft. With Consistent 2nd place finishes in both motos, Mitch was awarded 2nd place overall, just behind Dan's Jetpower.

Yamaha would like to congratulate Mitch Wayt #16 on his sensational racing results during the NSW AQUA X Round 3. Particularly in the Open-Class Runabout Enduro, where he placed 2nd overall with his Stock-Class FZR despite his competition's horsepower advantage.

Mitch Wayt #16 Race Results: NSW PWC Aqua X - Round 3 - 28/02/2016  
 Race Class Type  Moto 1 Result  Moto 2 Result  Moto 3 Result Overall Result 
Stock-Class Runabout - Closed Circuit   1st 1st 1st 1st
 Open-Class Runabout - Closed Circuit  2nd  3rd 2nd 2nd/3rd 
 Stock-Class Runabout - Endurance 1st 1st   1st
 Open-Class Runabout - Endurance  2nd  2nd    2nd

Credits: Photo: Glenn Keating