Choose from Yamaha's range of stylish and reliable mechanical controls, or step up to the smooth and effortless ‘drive-by-wire’ digital electronic controls for our bigger horsepower outboards.

Digital Electronic Controls

Completely redesigned with greater ergonomic comfort and new capabilities, Yamaha's all-new Digital Electronic Controls (DEC) are available in single or twin handle configurations for single, twin, triple and quad outboard applications. 

Key Features

•  Push button up and down Speed Control.
•  Pattern Shift mode which automatically places the engine in and out of gear for slower-than-idle speed trolling, for perfect lure presentation.
•  Neutral Hold allows the operator to increase engine RPM while in neutral for engine warm up or to generate additional charge for the batteries.
•  Station Selector allows you to switch between more than one helm.
•  Single Lever allows you to control multiple outboards with a single throttle handle.
•  Centre Engine(s) allows you to select the centre engine/s only, for when trolling or in no-wake zones, for triple and quad engine applications.
•  Throttle Friction Adjustment allows you to customise the amount of pressure required to move the throttle handle.

Suitable for F150XCA, F175XCA, F200XCA, F225, F250, F300 & XTO425 outboards.


Mechanical Controls

Yamaha's mechanical controls have long set the standard for operator comfort, convenience and flexibility. Their intuitive and ergonomic design feature easily accessible neutral warm-up controls, externally adjustable throttle friction and engine trim buttons conveniently located on the handle.

Available in stylish chrome or painted finishes and in single and twin configurations, they allow for easy, one-hand control of both shift and throttle functions.

Key Features

•  The premium controls feature stylish polished chrome details, while the standard controls come with a durable, painted finish. 
•  All Yamaha remote controls are ergonomically designed, featuring a thumb-operated trim/tilt switch conveniently located on the handle. 
•  Controls are available in top-mount binnacle, flush side-mount or side-mount styles to fit all applications. 

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