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    Digital Electronic Controls

    Completely redesigned with greater ergonomic comfort and new capabilities, Yamaha's all-new Digital Electronic Controls (DEC) are available in single or twin handle configurations for single, twin, triple and quad outboard applications. 

    Key Features

    •  Push button up and down Speed Control.
    •  Pattern Shift mode which automatically places the engine in and out of gear for slower-than-idle speed trolling, for perfect lure presentation.
    •  Neutral Hold allows the operator to increase engine RPM while in neutral for engine warm up or to generate additional charge for the batteries.
    •  Station Selector allows you to switch between more than one helm.
    •  Single Lever allows you to control multiple outboards with a single throttle handle.
    •  Centre Engine(s) allows you to select the centre engine/s only, for when trolling or in no-wake zones, for triple and quad engine applications.
    •  Throttle Friction Adjustment allows you to customise the amount of pressure required to move the throttle handle.

    Suitable for F150XCA, F175XCA, F200XCA, F225, F250, F300 & XTO425 outboards.