Yamaha’s high definition Command Link gauges act as the nerve centre of your Yamaha powered boat. Fully customisable and able to display data for up to four outboards, the screens are easy to read, simple to use and provide fingertip access to all of your engine’s vital functions and statistics.

Depending on your outboard and information requirements, you can choose from our premium full-feature touchscreen, round digital (with digital signal) or round digital (with analogue signal) displays.

Premium Full-Feature Touchscreen Display

The all-new, low profile Yamaha CL5 touchscreen display is small in size but big on information, features and capability - making operating your outboard, from single to quad applications - that much easier.

With its sleek and minimalist design, it fits seamlessly into your console, while its compact size permits more room for other electronic equipment on your console. It is also the nerve centre for Yamaha's Helm Master® EX boat control system.

The CL5 is compatible for all Yamaha outboards from F20 to XTO425 outboards. 



Multifunction Digital Gauges (Digital Signal)

Yamaha's CY8 Digital Gauges use digital network technology to provide accurate and real-time tachometer, speed and fuel management stats, including fuel flow/consumption/economy (up to two tanks), trim level, battery voltage, push button trolling speed adjustments and more.

These gauges are compatible with F20 to F300 Yamaha outboards (without Built-in Digital Electric Steering (DES)).


Multifunction Digital Gauges (Analogue Signal)

Yamaha’s conventional multi-function digital gauges, utilise analogue signals to provide real-time data required to maximise outboard performance and fuel efficiency. The two gauge illuminated display options provide RPM, Trim, Oil Pressure, Speed, Distance, Time, Overheating, Battery, Fuel Level and more.

These gauges are compatible with F30 to F200 Mechanical Control (MC) Yamaha outboards.

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