What will human-machine interfaces be like in the future? Will the partnership between vehicle and user be much closer than it is today? 

MOTOROiD2, an experimental creation, seamlessly integrates mobility and intelligent technologies, offering Yamaha technicians a practical foundation for further investigation. 


Yamaha Motor proposes that establishing a more intimate connection between the rider and the machine, akin to harmonious partners resonating with each other, could give rise to innovative expressions of Jin-Ki Kanno*. 

Following the introduction of the initial MOTOROiD in 2017, Yamaha Motor has pursued research and development in technologies, designs, and beyond, all entrenched in this conceptual framework. The most recent advancement in this ongoing exploration is the MOTOROiD2.


In order to create new experiences of Kando* the MOTOROiD2 experimental proof-of-concept model employs artificial intelligence and explores ways to create new forms of personal mobility in which the rider resonates harmoniously with the machine.

MOTOROiD2 is capable of recognising its owner and interacting in other capacities, just like a living creature. By undertaking these kinds of development challenges, Yamaha is aiming to acquire technology for creating new value for our customers.