Karen Smith

How did you get into motorcycling?
My husband rides and so does my daughter now so that inspired me to have a go even though I’m technically on the older side of the learning scale

What type of rider are you?
I’m pretty cautious but love the feeling of being able to get out and enjoy myself without being surrounded by a car. Mind you, I appreciate the safety that comes with being inside a car.

What challenges have you faced as a motorcyclist?
Getting over the confidence barrier. I only ride trail bikes and sometimes the tracks can get extremely challenging. I just have to trust that I have the ability to navigate them safely. So I’d say confidence is my main challenge and hopefully one day I’ll attempt to give road bikes a try.

What is your current bike and what do you like about it?
My TT-R230 is what I take bush bashing and I love its low seat height. It’s perfect for me being a novice rider while I’m trying to build on my off-road skills.

What do you most like about riding bikes?
Having the ability to get away for the weekend with family and friends who ride. There’s nothing better after a solid week of work than heading out west and camping as a big group and then learning some new tracks with a bunch of friends. Let’s not forget the drinks by the fire and those stories that rage on until the early morning.

Do you have any motorcycling related goals?
Just to keep improving so that I don’t feel as nervous about riding trails I’m not familiar with. Maybe one day head overseas to try a motorcycle adventure trek somewhere remote.