Kellie Meehan

How did you get into motorcycling?
Dirt bikes - when I was very young I used to watch my brother race at Mount Kembla.  From then I had a burning desire to ride but it didn’t happen until I was around 25 years old. I had just procured an old XT250 and saw that Oyster Bay MCC was holding a women’s class at one of their rounds at Dargle, maybe 1999.  We made the big drive up and although I nearly passed out from nervousness and had no real skill or race craft, I had a most excellent time. To this day I am still friends with two of the ladies I met at that first race. Those couple of races gave me the confidence to line up with the guys at ACT MCC in Canberra – much closer to home.  I got addicted after that and started doing State and National rounds.

Road bikes - one of those inspirational ladies I met at Dargle all those years ago got me into working down at Phillip Island for WSBK and MotoGP – where I hatched another plan to do a track day!  I’m still yet to do a track day but have at least started riding sports bikes on the road.

What type of rider are you?
Hmmm… interesting question. I just love riding!  I enjoy learning new skills and progressing. I became an instructor to help other riders progress and enjoy it as much as I do.

What challenges have you faced as a motorcyclist?
Prior to me getting a bike at 25, via my partner at the time, the challenge was actually getting started, not knowing how/what to purchase as well as actually how to ride a bike. Recently the biggest challenges have been finding the time and locations to ride my dirt bike.

What is your current bike and what do you like about it?
For the dirt - I’ve had my 2022 TeamMoto WR250F for just over 12 months now. It is a weapon - especially compared to my beloved old 2007 model - but am stoked that it is just as fun to ride on a MX track as it is on the trails. I LOVE the electric start and that it’s so reliable. For the road – I am very spoilt – I get to choose from a few of my husband’s collection of classic sports bikes aged from 1981 to 2022. One of his hobbies is collecting, restoring and riding these bikes.

What do you most like about riding bikes?
Top of the list would be the like-minded people you get to meet and the amazing locations you travel to. Riding bikes is always a thrill – it never gets boring and you certainly need to concentrate, so it’s a great escape from everyday life. Another high point would be the physicality of riding – it helps keep you motivated to stay strong, fit and alert.

Do you have any motorcycling related goals?
Goal #1 – keep progressing as a rider - I just love pushing myself to be a better rider. I’ve just returned to the Club MX racing scene after a decade or so away so am relishing the challenge of new tracks and racing with a much younger crew – even in the over 40s class. Goal #2 - I want to re-build my skills and confidence to get back into regular instructing and coaching, it’s so awesome seeing the number of girls and women getting out there and riding.  Goal #3 - is to find a trailer big enough to hold all our bikes to tow behind our #vanlife van - with our MTBs under the elevated bed.