Michelle Valentine

How did you get into motorcycling?
I went down to SMSP for the first time in 2020 to watch a friend race, I saw a few ladies down there - around my age - racing and thought, wow that looks scary and exciting! I think I’d like to do that. So I followed a few of their social pages for a while, before I bit the bullet signed up to get my Ls at HART, bought a bike, but then couldn’t complete my knowledge test until lockdown ended… three months later.

What type of rider are you?
Well it was road riding that attracted me first but now I am keen to learn off road. I met Jess Gardiner at SMSP and would like to attend one of her women only Coach and Camp events.

What challenges have you faced as a motorcyclist?
My biggest challenge was not knowing anything about motorbikes or anyone local who rode motorbikes who wasn’t a male… However, that quickly changed after joining the East Coast Female Riders Group and a local Northern Beaches ride group. This really opened my world to how many ladies actually ride, and how supportive, welcoming and inclusive the whole motorcycling community is.

What is your current bike and what do you like about it?
My first and current bike is a Yamaha R3 named Erik and I love how easy it is to ride. But I will likely soon upgrade and have been looking at the YZF-R7… or an MT-07.

What do you most like about riding bikes?
Exploring all these new locations, beautiful roads and sights both in and around of Sydney that you’d never think of going to if you weren’t riding.

Do you have any motorcycling related goals?
Lots to learn still. I’ll be off my P’s soon, but have also taken an interest in dirt bike riding – through another friend who took me out to have a go on his kids’ bikes… I loved it! So would love to get into that. I have also been on a few women’s training and ride days at Wakefield, SMSP and Luddenham which have all been awesome and each time have learnt so much about becoming a better and safer rider.