Sally Gorojovsky

How did you get into motorcycling?
Rode as a kid and always loved it – I would use the bikes of whoever gave in to my nagging. But Dad wouldn't buy me one, then marriage and kids happened so I didn't really think about it again. Then on a girls’ weekend my friend Hazel said she was into it so I figured why not, kids are all grown up… it's my turn now.

What type of rider are you?
I am an experimental rider and still trying to work out which best suits me. I love the road and doing long days. I like dirt but am not 100% certain it's going to be a thing…

What challenges have you faced as a motorcyclist?
None really except I am fun sized… so bike seat height is a limiting factor.

What is your current bike and what do you like about it?
XT250 - which is the bike I learned on, although now it is mostly for dirt riding. I ride a cruiser on the street.

What do you most like about riding bikes?
The head space when you are in the zone - I can switch off and just ride - It's just me and the task I am doing, everything else kind of fades away and is left on the shelf to pick up later.

Do you have any motorcycling related goals?
I can see myself doing some long rides.