Therese Kelly

How did you get into motorcycling?
I have had motorbikes on and off most of my life. I got my first bike when I was around eight years old. I grew up on property, so had trail bikes. I had a short period without a bike when I had kids but that didn’t last long, and when I purchased my first sports bike I was completely hooked.

What type of rider are you?
I am a spirited rider, I could spend all day every day on my bike with a destination in mind or not, riding solo or with a crew. I really enjoy riding the twisties and am also happy meandering through the country side - not that the R1 likes to meander!

What challenges have you faced as a motorcyclist?
I moved to the Gold Coast about four years ago, prior to that I only rode with men as there were very few female riders where I was. While the guys were great, always very helpful and supportive, I found myself in a very competitive environment, and one my girlfriends did not relate too. Moving to an area with so many ladies of various skill levels and ages has been amazing, it’s been nice to be able to develop some new friendships with women over a common passion.

What is your current bike and what do you like about it?
I currently own a 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 with the crossplane crankshaft. It has the perfect blend of a V-twin and inline four. It’s a very forgiving bike, handles very well, steers beautifully and very smoothly through the corners. I just love it.

What do you most like about riding bikes?
The sense of freedom, helmet time is the best therapy. The riding community and the sense of family is amazing.

Do you have any motorcycling related goals?
Every time I ride, I learn something new either about me, my bike or just riding in general. My goals are to never stop learning and just to be able to continue to ride for as long as I am physically able.