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    Everything we do is centred around you, our customer. Our goal is to take your breath away by offering you experiences that go above and beyond your expectations. Experiences that can only be enjoyed on a Yamaha. Our unique advantage is driven by technology derived from the racetrack and developed to make every ride a memorable one.

    Yamaha has always competed – and won - at the highest level of motorsport. And the advancements made on the racetrack by our Factory MotoGP team filters down through our flagship YZF-R1M right into our entry level YZF-R15, across to the MT street bike range and beyond. Unique Yamaha developments like crossplane crankshaft technology and the use of exotic metals and high tech processes that led to our control-filled aluminium frames. All were introduced on the racetrack and have filtered down into the bikes you can own and ride on the street. Here you can find some of the key advancements that make riding our road bikes so much fun.