Real World Tough, Real World Value

Whether you are working on a farm or exploring recreational trails, Yamaha's proven SSV range has you covered.

Each model in our expanding line-up has been designed to offer an industry-leading level of capability, convenience and comfort to help you work smarter, not harder.

Many of our SSVs blur the boundaries between recreation and utility. Because the features that make a high performance, off-road capable vehicle also make a great access all areas utility model. A trip to the back paddock never was so exhilarating. Which means when the working week is done, the weekend fun can begin…

But no matter what you use your Yamaha SSV for, Real World Tough reliability and long service intervals – backed by our three-year warranty – mean that your cost of ownership reduces the longer you enjoy your Yamaha.

Invest in a Real World Tough SSV.


Why buy a Yamaha SSV? The answer lies in a host of industry leading technologies that have been honed on farmsteads and trail parks around the globe. Technologies that make accessing remote rural areas a joy rather than a chore.

Unlike our sports range, we don’t design our utility vehicles to be the fastest in the paddock. We design them to be the toughest in the paddock. Real World Tough. All our vehicles are made with this philosophy to deliver unparalleled capability, comfort and confidence.

Yamaha’s unique utility advantage starts with our industry leading Ultramatic drive system. Ultramatic allows you to be in full control of your Yamaha and there simply isn’t a better way to get power to the ground when a big workload beckons. Our benefits continue with supreme build quality and low maintenance that has led to an unrivalled reputation for dependability with Aussie farmers. 

This combination of high performance, low maintenance and long term reliability means less downtime from work, which in turn lowers the cost of ownership – a big factor for many owners.

There are a stack of reasons why we back each Yamaha utility vehicle with a three-year warranty. Our Real World Tough four wheelers are built for the harshest conditions and everything we spec is built to last. For example, we run marine grade watertight multi-pin electrical connectors that help prevent moisture getting in. Especially useful in rainy conditions or when crossing creeks.

Rugged composite front bumpers resist scratching and won’t rust, while injection-moulded fenders and CV joint guards protect against rock and debris damage.

Full underbody skidplates protect the entire underside of our vehicles, from the front differential to the rear gear case - with convenient service points to access fluid drain locations without removing the guards. These tough features are added to bulletproof powerplants and drivetrains that offer years of trouble-free service. Plus our utility vehicles are built to Yamaha’s exacting quality control. All factors that make our three-year warranty a no brainer.

YZX1000R models receive 12-month factory warranty.

Yamaha Motor Australia’s ATV Safety Institute (YASSI) is nationally recognised as Australia’s leader in ATV and SSV training.

YASSI delivers training to the rural, industry, commercial and sports ATV and SSV markets and promote the safe and responsible use of ATVs and SSVs distributed down under. Our goal is to improve rider safety through practical training for the rural, government and private industry markets. On successful completion of YASSI’s rider course, students receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment to cover industry WorkSafe requirements.

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