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    There are a stack of reasons why we back each Yamaha utility vehicle with a three-year warranty. Our Real World Tough four wheelers are built for the harshest conditions and everything we spec is built to last. For example, we run marine grade watertight multi-pin electrical connectors that help prevent moisture getting in. Especially useful in rainy conditions or when crossing creeks.

    Rugged composite front bumpers resist scratching and won’t rust, while injection-moulded fenders and CV joint guards protect against rock and debris damage.

    Full underbody skidplates protect the entire underside of our vehicles, from the front differential to the rear gear case - with convenient service points to access fluid drain locations without removing the guards. These tough features are added to bulletproof powerplants and drivetrains that offer years of trouble-free service. Plus our utility vehicles are built to Yamaha’s exacting quality control. All factors that make our three-year warranty a no brainer.

    YZX1000R models receive 12-month factory warranty.