five star safety guide

Select the right vehicleATV Safety - 5 Star Logo

  • Select the vehicle best suited to the task
  • Consider the terrain, riders and load to select the right vehicle

Protect yourself

  • Make sure you are physically fit and able to ride actively on bikes or ATVs
  • Always wear a helmet and protective gear
  • Never operate the vehicle intoxicated

Be trained

  • Training will enable you to fully understand the vehicle attributes and limitations and assist you with the techniques and strategies for safe riding

Safe riders and loads

  • Never allow kids less than 16 years old on adult size ATVs
  • Never allow passengers on single seat ATVs
  • Don’t overload your ATV particularly on steep terrain

Understand and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

  • Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations specific to each vehicle
  • Take note of the manufacturer’s warning labels on the vehicle and the owner’s manual
  • Maintain and service your vehicle so it is in good working order

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