Yamaha YXF1000 RMAX Rear Shock Bracket

Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd is conducting a RECALL CAMPAIGN on certain Yamaha YXF1000 (RMAX) side by side vehicles. 


Affected Model Range

Model Name  Model Year Prefix Serial
 YXF1000  2021  AN39W  300204
 YXF1000  2021  AN39W  300217
 YXF1000  2021  AN39W  300222
 YXF1000  2021  AN39W  300223
 YXF1000  2021  AN39W  300224

What is the defect?
During frame manufacturing, there is a possibility that one or both welds for the Rear Shock Upper Mount Brackets may have been inadvertently missed.

What are the hazards?
If the inner weld is missing it is possible for the mounting bracket to flex under extended use and fatigue cracking may develop at the outside welds.

What should customers do?
To correct this defect, Yamaha is initiating a Factory Modification Campaign, whereby affected models must have the frame inspected at both the left & the right rear shock, where necessary, the frame will be welded.

For further information please contact Yamaha via email: cr@yamaha-motor.com.au or phone: 1300 277 137.

See www.productsafety.gov.au for Australian product recall information.