Yamalube Unique Advantage

For the past 50 years, the Yamalube range of products has been developed by our team of Yamaha mechanical, chemistry and electronic engineers, the same engineers that design and build Yamaha engines. Developing the Yamalube range alongside Yamaha engines guarantees a perfect match. 

Yamaha's engineers regard Yamalube as the liquid component of an engine, as essential to performance as pistons and bearings.  
Inside an engine, Yamalube serves many roles. As well as being a lubricant, it also functions as a coolant, cleaning agent, rust protector, sealant, vibration-absorbing medium, and much more.

The Yamalube range now includes fork oils, brake fluids, chain sprays, and a range of care products to make sure your machine not only performs at peak performance, but it also looks its best.

The Yamalube range has been formulated to suit all Yamaha land and marine products in the harshest environments on earth. On the water and on land, in mud, dust, and snow, in extreme heat and freezing cold, trail, track, road, or ocean, Yamalube products have been developed to offer superior protection while delivering maximum performance.



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