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    Advanced technology, proven high performance and high tech safety features mean efficient, effective problem solving for many industries. Incorporating easy-to-use practical functions and equipment that enhance work efficiency. Agricultural uses include spraying, seeding, remote sensing, precision agriculture and variable rate dispersal. Need to access remote or dangerous areas? RMAX is the solution. Your eye in the sky offers cost effective, accurate and efficient spraying with zero soil compaction. Spend 100% of your time over the target and there’s no pilot on board to worry about.

    Flight Technology

    RMAX Features

    Technical Specifications

    • Type 2-stroke, horizontally opposed 2-cylinder
    • Cylinder Displacement 246
    • Maximum Output 15.4
    • Starting System Electric starter
    • Fuel Premium mixed with 2-stroke engine oil
    • Load capacity 28
    • Practical range (Visual range) Up to 400 m
    • Control System YACS-G (RMAX Type II G) / YMCS (RMAX Type II)
    • Main Rotor Diameter 3130
    • Trail Rotor Diameter 535
    • Overall Length 2750 / 3630 (with rotor)
    • Overall Width 720
    • Overall Height 1080
    • Cassette Tank Capacity 8 litres x 2 tanks
    • Discharge Method Double-acting piston with flat nozzle
    • Discharge Rate 1.3-2.0/minute (speed-linking method)
    • Nozzle Pitch 1340
    • Sprayer Weight 7.4
    • Hopper Capacity 13 litres x 2 tanks
    • Discharge Method Impeller (300 mm dia.)
    • Discharge Rate 2.5 kg/minute (when spraying 1 kg/10 a)
    • Impeller Rotational Speed 800rmp
    • Sprayer Weight 7.0
    • Colours

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