This year, Yamaha Motor Company celebrates its 67th birthday with the theme of, “Ties In A New Age.”

Ties In A New Age, is designed to highlight Yamaha’s uniqueness and get us thinking about how intertwined our connections are across the Yamaha landscape of changing environments and communication. What Ties In A New Age means to each of us will differ based on lifestyle, the Yamaha products we own, culture, and even age. Sharing these different ideas with each other this Yamaha Day is the essence of the Ties In The New Age theme.

Unique Style of Yamaha


In 2014 Yamaha Music and Yamaha Motor held an international graphic competition with the theme of Kando, and the silhouette that traced the trajectory of four beats was selected as the best artwork. This graphic symbolises an emotional and dynamic sense of rhythm that is familiar to both music and engines and is full of emotional premonition. Kando is the common principle praised by both Yamahas. Through Kando, we aim to connect the creators and users, and all those involved with it.