Wright sidelined for the MX Nats requiring knee surgery

CDR Yamaha’s Wright Sidelined with Knee Injury

11 Mar 2015

CDR Yamaha’s Jacob Wright will miss the entire 2015 MX Nationals Championship after suffering a serious knee injury during practice in the lead up to the opening round.

Wright jammed his knee in a corner and damaged his ACL which will require reconstructive surgery and leave the frustrated rider on the sidelines for up to six months as he recovers.

“I’m shattered,” Wright said after hearing the news from his doctor. “I didn’t even crash, I just came into a corner and put my foot out and it grabbed on the ground and twisted. I heard it pop so I knew something serious had happened and the pain was intense right away.

“So, I have MCL and ACL damage in my knee and after discussions with my doctor and the CDR Yamaha team, we decided it was best to get my knee operated on and give it the time it needs to heal properly.

“I feel for the CDR Yamaha team as when it’s this close to the start of the season all the work has been done and everyone here has been working flat out to give us exactly what we needed to win races and contend for the championship. I feel I have let them down,” he laments.

“But, I need to stay positive and do everything right to so my knee is 100% for the Australian Supercross Championship and show everyone what I can do.”

Team boss Craig Dack still feels his riders’ pain despite being in the job for over 20 years but concedes getting the surgery done now is the best option.

“Motocross can be a cruel sport and it was heartbreaking speaking to Jacob after he had been given the news. All the hard yards of the off season had been done and he was ready to go, only to suffer a serious injury just weeks out from the start of the MX Nationals.

“We took the conservative option as Jacob is only 20 years old and with his talent, he has a huge career ahead of him so we needed to ensure that he takes care of his body and does the right thing. At CDR Yamaha, we see Jacob as a long term prospect and his return to full health is important to us.

“With the usual recovery time of knee surgery around the five to six month time frame, we expect Jacob back on the bike and at 100% for the start of the Australian Supercross Championship and we will continue to support him through his recovery,” Dack ends.

The opening round of the MX Nationals kicks off in Horsham, Victoria on March 29. Kade Mosig and the newly signed Daniel Reardon will fly the CDR Yamaha flag at the MX Nationals with both expected to be championship contenders.


Jeff Crow
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